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    Welp, I sux at explaining

    Im not arguing or anything, just sharing my experience

    Coz I don't use Key Kii or Sennen War videso unless I really get stuck

    In my experience, I have a hard time following their vids. AS for subbing units, sometimes works or not - I almost didn't use Khuri in the Orc map since she was only VH

    Most of da time, I blind run as it's pretty much what I do. Brute force it, fail it, try something else

    I don't use SC to refill nor Im in a hurry to do things, just play the game slowly, use units for their loosk not their stats

    I can't really think my Black Tickets as Shrine Blacks. It's a freebie not a Shrine Black. That's just me. I know it sounds weird. I can't really count 'em

    It's maintenance, I an't show my team

    The Blacks I have are Sarah, WE, Amanda

    Don't have four blacks actually
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    You should do your summonings on the new pick up summon. Its Amazing, all 4 blacks are top tier and the plats are not bad either. Sad thing is that even though im a beginner i already own 2 out 4 blacks and 2 out of 4 plats from this pick up, so summoning there, even though the chance of getting moltena is high, would be a dance with the devil for me. I rather leave it be. 50/50 chance to get a dupe is a no no. Too sad, too sad.

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