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    Selling my account

    Hi everybody.
    I'm a long time player and I'm thinking of selling my account. I'm looking for buyers and advices for the most efficent way to sell it.

    Account INFO

    Rank: 245
    7689996 gold
    Capital of Steel story arc
    Sacred Crystals: 764 (420+344 inbox) all NOT purchased, so no time limit to spend them
    (just a couple of 4 starred mission and no bonding quests done, so more easy extra sc to gain!)

    All Barracks

    201 Spirit of Rainbow, 141 Spirit Queen, 139 Spirit of Black, 143 Spirit of Platinum,147 Platinum Armor, 134 Spirit of Gold, 17 Black cost reduction fairy, 35 platinum cost reduction fairy, 42 gold cost reduction fairy and many more fodder units (including 1 Spirit of Time, 4 Happy(2 anniversary), 5 Spirit ì of Minor Blessings, 26 Spirit of Minor Blessings, 5 Fes, 12 Black Armor, 2 Great Spirit of Skill Strengthening)

    lots of EXP fairies

    Plenty AW orbs

    Tons of gold and silver units

    Bonding Items:
    140 Diamond, 164 Ruby, 109 Crystal, 104 Bouquet
    50 Millennium Wine, 105 Choice Sake, 90 Table Wine, 122 Beer
    15 Black Rings, 29 Platinum Rings, 18 Gold rings
    10 Medals

    2636 Rainbow Crystals, 2849 Time Crystals, 2855 Demon Crystals

    almost all event units collected, some leveled and ready to use!

    Shrine Blacks: Altair (2 copies, 1 2AW), Leone, Wurm (AW), Cornelia (2 copies, 1 2AW), Matsuri, Ibuki, Emelda, Sarah, Rakshasa, Elmira (2 copies, 1 2AW), Teeny, Elyse (3 copies, 1 2AW), Despia, Aisha, Mikoto (2 copies, 1 2AW), Rinne (3 copies, 1 2AW), Miyabi, Machina, Rovinia, Dorothea

    Shrine Platinum: Jerome, Julia, Seria (2 copies, 1 AW), Lychnos (2AW), Hanada, Hatsune, D'Arc, Leora, Uzume (2AW), Charlotte (2AW), Inari (2 copies), Izuna, Flamel, Daisy, Katina, Shirley, Racua, Raven, Katsumi, Konoha (2AW), Barbara, Lei-Mei (AW), Ramii, Hu Ximei, Adele, Anelia, Elizabeth, Marius, Aquamarie, Marle, Maple, Supura (AW), Anita, Eva, Ersha, Dolce (AW), Clarice, Loretta, Xiao-Mei, Cenote, Zilva, Wonder Heart, Eris

    If you have question please ask
    Have a nice day!

    Selling my account-1.jpgSelling my account-2.jpgSelling my account-3.jpgSelling my account-4.jpgSelling my account-5.jpg

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