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    Nice to see we're right on schedule for Eden's event. Hope you guys have some good VH and magic dps in store because you're gonna be fighting lots of undead mobs and golems. Remember that one rock golem we had in the recent gold rush? Well you'll be fighting two of them and two smaller rock golems. Here's a look at what the map's layout looks like: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vWeYTrfRcA0 . Have fun. XD

    Lucky for you guys we're not getting the 90/12 map with the black golems and their insane ATK. That would require some mage armors to do.

    On another note, we'll be seeing our friend Fran in this event. I hope we get her event soon.

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    Now we are talking! Near constant events and a free SC give away? Yes please! Been wanting to do this event ever since its revival on DMM and Vincent's map during the gold rush. Now if only we can get Shino soon

    On the event itself, it shouldn't be difficult for a developed team (though this is the case for most events) and it being a star trial should mean it being simple to do. It goes without saying though that Khuri and Vincent would be indispensable here and I would guess that Parsis would be needed as well to deal with those with high magic resistance.

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    From my list, it seems like we're getting the black vampire hunter Sue in gacha. Not sure if Patra the plat bishop and Kururu the gold feng shui user will be in gacha too, but they will be quite helpful. Kururu, in particular, is a good unit for players without Marr to have for those daily poison maps until we get Pippin which won't be in a while.
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  4. Ellet is in the gacha now. Nothing else matter now but just having her.
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    I pulled Gunner Mel instead. Not that I needed another cannoneer, but Mel is cute, so I'm okay with it.

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    I would have rolled like mad for Ellett but i already got Flamel so i guess i will leave her to the random golds i get when i summon some day...

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    holy shiet i'm SO close to 3*ing my last 2 maps... i'm having so much fun so i don't want to bring in the blacks yet, if i can't get it near the end, then i'll need the big guns

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    Tony Guest
    Huh, no Sue for us to try (and fail) to get? A shame.

    On the actual event... for the love of all that is holy, why is there that evil map right in the middle of it all?

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    So yesterday i realised i had a lot of level 30 silvers and went on an AW spree. Aisha, Sybilla, Rikka, Marnie, Fedora and Liddy. Also still have Ur to level since she isn't even CC'd yet. Story mode drop increase event, when?! It'd be nice if we got a revival or drop increase event this second week of the event but given how we haven't had that before i won't keep my hopes up.

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    you aw-ed 6 units right of the bat ? seriously...

    That being siad , yesterday i did AW-ed Anelia on my first and solano on my second...

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