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    Unhappy So, the game will eventually die either way... right?

    So, as I remember, the current event was one of the last ones on the DMM version, I don't know which exactly, but I think it was somewhere close to the end anyways. I would never expect OI to die before GK, but this almost looks like a race to the finish line

    I don't know if this would be the smartest place to ask such a question, mainly because I wouldn't know if there were people with more knowledge than me on the subject (I hardly know anything though), but, there's always that one guy, I guess...

    Say you'd want to record your H-scenes, and store them on an external hard drive, possibly on some private 'cloud' online, like, say, MEGA. Possibly encrypt, or simply protect them afterwards.

    Which is the most easily accessible, reliable, preferably free, good recording software out there?
    I've tried Microsoft Expression Encoder, blabla, 60FPS - choppy frames > set bitrate up to 30000Kbps - this is hardly enough for an "OK" experience, maybe 50000Kbps would be better? Shit's too good, making the picture itself choppy > Fill your computers storage space on a couple eromon - probably a couple Gb each minute, say every SL Eromon has 17 minutes of footage alone, I think I calculated around 50Gb each SL, or so > record directly to external hard drive - limited to 460Gb - yadayadayada enough of this for now.

    And since I don't know shit about the inspect option, and whatnot browsers come with (though I still highly doubt this would be possibe, at least without proper knowledge), somehow acquire the scenes of what you have from there?

    Well, whatever information you could drag from that...
    So, would anyone have any suggestions?

    - - - Updated - - -

    nutaku can repeat the whole event chain for other year if they want
    many people have missed the ranking girls because only 500 can get her for each event

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    Nutaku says thay do original content starting 2017.

    During december there may be some revisit or no event at all.

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    Interesting, how Unregistered + Unregistered = Update
    Guess it's to be expected though.

    So Nutaku will be doing original content? Any source? At least the game will continue on, for a little while, I don't know what could be expected of Nutaku though, I'd rather have Japanese voices, for one, art style may drop as well, we'll see, if what you say is true, that is.
    In any case, I'll be able to come up with a solution if what you said is true.

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    The game will not die like the DMM version. Nutaku staff said that we'll have repeat events so people can get a second chance in getting Eromons they missed. In the meantime the company that owns OI will be making new content, which we'll be getting in 2017. They sent this image in the subscribers newletter.


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    I'm really glad to see that. I did wonder, after all, Osawari Island is possibly, arguably Nutaku's biggest gold mine at the moment. It'll also, as mentioned earlier, expand my time in order to record.
    I guess people who knows more than me on the subject is still free to give suggestions, I'll eventually get them recorded either way, but, the faster the better, that is all, really.

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    I have some suggestions for the screen recording department, because i've been experimenting.

    And for nutaku games, if 30 fps doesn't give you acceptable quality - you're better off changing the software. 100mb is the maximum you should go for 3-4mins. 60 fps for a browser h scene is way overkill.

    I've narrowed down to a few you might want to try:

    1) Bandicam - the free version gives an ugly watermark right at the top, but it offers the best screen adjustment controls among software i tried for choosing the screen region that you might want to record. Also limits the time you can record - around 10 mins.

    2) eLectra - free, no limits on time. But you need to choose the region you record every time.

    3) ShareX - you need to d/l some stuff and put ffmpeg in the directory. Mess around with the settings (the default is 8 fps - raise it to 30), then you're good to go. Only 30fps max, but that should be enough. Same as electra - you need to choose the region every time you start recording.

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    Don't be so pessimistic. Just because an event repeated doesn't mean the game is dying. I think it's quite healthy still.
    One has to remember that the devs are still human and need time to rest. The fact you get an event every 2 weeks is a miracle in itself. Most games don't even have events for more than every 4 months. Count your blessings and be thankful for what you have.

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    It's all good, the game lives on and thrives well enough

    It is a far less tedious albeit more grindy and definitely way more expensive (who would've thought!) than Pokemon, and with Rule 34 pretty much canon built-in, simple 4 elementype structure (no rock/ground/dragon/ghost/psychic/fairy bs, too much work to remember em all) with no move transfer restrictions albeit no Same Type Attack Bonus, and actual gameplay meta of six at once working as a team with various move effects

    I daresay an SR rarity Eromon or less is pretty much capable enough to use the likes of ledgendaries such as Arceus to mop the floor (statwise, anyway), and higher rarities = harder curbstomp

    the other draw is the 100% album (Gotta do catch 'em all!) and the variety of h-scenes (and fetishes!) it can cater to, albeit on the milder side of things, none too extreme but that's dependent on the player.

    The problem is that 99% of the time on an event, its the gacha eromons exclusive to that event that one will always moss at least one of - or spend $$$ to obtain

    As for the longevity of the game, not only do they need more players - they need more willing to spend real money - and to do that, the game itself has to be great on its general first impression and simple but intriguing gameplay (though personally i don't like the new start game screen for certain reasons) and Osawari delivers that like no other game on the site except perhaps for Kamihime Project (in my opinion)

    There's also the debacle over Flash being an outdated? platform (nah its just an excuse for the greedy bastards at Silicone Valley to shove HTML5 down our throats)

    And them the bugs - if they want OI to be the mainline cashcow aside from Random Numbers Girl Flower Knight Girl, they have to be on top of bugfixes (and maybe have some sort of beta testing 2 weeks in advance sort of system in place)

    and maybe a bunch of new events from Transporter (the people who actually made the game) as well as add missing content such as Aya's area

    What would be real nice is if the game reaches the end of its service, an offline version of it is developed and became a download title - and players who spent at least $100 or more get a free download pass on it as well as get their eromons copied over from the online version to it, thus rendering it forever playable

    tl;dr Make Osawari Island Great Again

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    Don't ever close!! Ichigo

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    LOL after the shut down of MWA, I wouldnt be surprised if Osuwari island is next in the chopping block....hell even FKG might not be as safe as it seems lol.

    Just keep enjoying the game, but if I were smart I would stop spending money from Nutaku Site..or at least lower it to a minimal number just in case.

    Its obvious when they sink a game you get shit of ┬┤compensation┬┤ (if you can call that compensation) Unlike IOS where you can get an actual $$ refund.

    Good luck boys.

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