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    Chocolate Boosters Formula

    Can someone clarify the formula for applying boosters?

    Currently I have the following from rolling today:
    Kuroe Nishitani - 2x
    Cupid - 8x
    Fleurety - 5x

    I put Fleurety on my team because it doesn't say effect applies with her not being there.

    I just ran a 3x Milky Prairie run:
    15+24+15+15+12+15+12+12+12+24+12+120 = 288
    From special effect I am getting 3456.

    3456/288 = 12

    Am I calculating this wrong? As an added clarification I rolled all of these today so they weren't left over from previous events.

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    paytaku like rush thing, i just went to jungle with x3 and got very VERY few mats so i guess the event donĀ“t have fully start yet, there usually a fast manintenance around this hours after of a event

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    To update my original question, I believe the formula is the sum of all the #x - # of boosters you have.

    Let's say you have an x2, x5, x8, then you get (2+5+8) - 3 = 12x

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