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    How to reroll properly with dmm?

    I just wanted to say that I encountered a slight problem and I would like some advice:
    I tried brave girl raven on dmm (I try to target Lilium or eresu server), but the gatcha at the tutorial was terrible, so I tried 2 things:
    First: "stop the game" through my profile (ゲームの利用停止). Once I do that, the game indeed vanish from my profile, but when i try to open the game again, all my saves and progress come back.
    Second: I tried to delete the account in my profil information (退会する), but when I create a new account on brave girl raven on the same server (Lilium) with the same nickname as before, but it tells me that the name I want is already used... Even though I deleted the account with the said name... Can someone explain me what I did wrong?
    Thank you!

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    delete old data, such as progress or registration takes time. it's easier to just create a new nickname

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    The easiest I found was to use gmail. Gmail allows you to tag usernames, so if you're email is my.email@gmail then you can use:



    It will all go to your same gmail account and dmm recognizes them all as different usernames. Once you're have a roll that you want, change your email at dmm to whatever you want.

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