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    [Sen-Pro] The Forum's Guild Thread

    Certainly, the Discord channel also has a guild thread, but as we all know, Discord's been a terrible host to us, especially for the forums playerbase. So it'll be nice to have a thread more specific to our community.

    Discussions should mostly be aimed towards recruitment, FAQs, etiquette, tips/advice, etc & etc. You'll probably won't want to talk too deeply about current guild wars here though, for obvious reasons.

    PS ~ Uesugi is recruiting. I'll make another post with details later.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Here's a couple rules of etiquette that should apply to any guild to help get started.

    1. Edit your Dispatch Force squads with your best Senki. It's bad manners to any guild to leave a squad of Foxes/Tanuki in charge of defense in a guild war. You should also update your Dispatch Force from time to time as you level up.

    2. Leave your leader a message if you'll be gone for an extended period of time. In a guild war, there's strength in numbers and having even just 1 more player on board helps a ton, even if just to provide buffs.

    Uesugi Guild Recruitment

    [Sen-Pro] The Forum's Guild Thread-bandicam-2017-01-13-09-23-43-099.jpg

    Uesugi has space for a few more members, with more openings on the way. I'll immediately prioritize players I'm more familiar with on the forums, which mostly means those who've chatted some in the Flower Knight Girl section.

    We're casual with just a few active players and no real requirements for GvG, but still pretty successful. Just remember to edit your Dispatch Force squads with your best Senki. Check the tactics in Guild News, as well as the Guild Chat, for directives in current Guild Wars.

    Also, be certain to leave a message, either via PM or in the Guild Chat, if you're gonna be gone longer than 3-days, so I know whether to kick you out for more recruiting space or not.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Applications for Uesugi are filling in faster than spots are opening up and I'll have to close recruitment soon.. If there are any forumers in those applications, shoot me a PM, so I know your IGN.
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