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    Add Dragon Providence to the list.
    Sacred Sword Princesses invite code for server 2: Ruu0006963

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    Quote Originally Posted by DrunkMonkGar View Post
    Add Dragon Providence to the list.
    Finally went under, huh? I remember trying that ages ago, but the interface really turned me off. I guess I won't be going back for a second try...

    Anyway, add Dragon Tactics: Memories and its sibling Duel Squad... the former was the first game I ever played here, was sad to see it go.
    Personal favorites, by game:
    Millennium War Aigis (RIP): Liana
    Girls Kingdom (RIP): Iris
    Dragon Tactics: Memories (RIP): Diske
    Brave Girl Ravens xR (RIP): Francette
    ...Most of the games I play on Nutaku end up getting taken down. Hmm.

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    dikdik Guest

    Red face ancient

    for whatever its worth, dragon providence and pedro pedro seduction are still up, making them grizly veterans in this volatile realm of pay to win games.

    lust games are out, which no one posted about... heroes of lust and kingdom of lust. I apreciate new games, but can not say i'll miss those 2. especially heroes of lust, a complete lagfest of a game.

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    They already announced the shutdown for DP, it only has 14 days left before going to the graveyard.

    PPS is still chugging though.
    Sacred Sword Princesses invite code for server 2: Ruu0006963

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    Unregistered Guest
    Bit late to this one, sorry. But let's not forget Brave Girl Ravens. That game was pretty good too.

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