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Thread: Booty Farm

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    The 'Sweet Sisters' (Two women hugging a giant wang) decoration is supposed to generate gems, but I haven't got enough to buy it yet to see if it works.
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    Does it? do all of them have effects or only the ones you buy with gems.

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    Only that one so far, but I have no idea about the eggplant statue. When you level up You can click and hold on the decoration icons and it will say if they are just a cosmetic, which doesn't seem to work on the shop page.

    Edit: "Tender Sisters" is the actual name of the decoration. 95 gems to buy.
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    Just started playing this yesterday, and it seems enjoyable enough so far as casuals go. I just used up my last free picture slot, and don't have many gems saved up, so I imagine it's about to get more frustrating. Really, the main point of these games is content, and I'm F2P. If it's too hard to unlock pictures, I'm sure most of us will move on until they make it easier (Honey Crush smartly halved the cost of their pictures early on, and those were even easier to unlock than these).

    Personally, not a huge fan of the girls/art. A couple of them are cute, but they're drawn a bit like pre-retouched Fake Lay girls. I may be spoiled by the work done by Booty Calls and Fap CEO. I guess the good news is that makes the lack of picture space a little less torturous.

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    This game is definitely going to need to make picture slots purchasable with coins. Every other similar game allows this (Booty Calls allows cash instead of diamonds, Honey Crush allows coins instead of gems, etc). Seems like a no brainer adjustment.

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    I 100% agree this is a problem because it takes so long just to get enough for 1 picture slot and its better to save for 15 which is 4 times more. Buying with coins would make feel a lot smoother instead of just hitting a wall and not being able to do anything about it.

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    I'm pretty sure decorations just give xp. Just build them then place in storage, doesn't take up storage space. Hold left click on them to move or store them.

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    Big tip. Farm what you need because the storage space is a bitch to manage.

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    Anyone keeping track of the answers to the questions? I have a small table with it all, but what is the best way to post it? Is there gonna be a wiki made for this game? I can post it there if and when thats made

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    Don't buy the sisters statue. It generates 1 gem every 24 hours. Very big waste

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