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Thread: Merge Nymphs

  1. Quote Originally Posted by unknown67 View Post
    Haven't played it myself, but kind of looks like Girls Kingom (RIP) but without the Clash of Clans PvP raids. How's the art/story? Is it friendly to F2P players, or is there a heavy push for whaling?
    Some art is nice, some they seem the abuse the burning tool in photoshop. Cleared many stages in, I can say that so far, it's F2P friendly, some of the things that you can buy with rubies are incubators with a lot of shells, higher level buildings, chests and rare nymphs.

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    Happy to see the community chiming in!

    Yea i just found out some of that stuff, only to see you guys already mentioned. Wish i saw there was new comments

    Anyway, i got a somewhat organized list of what turns into what.

    Example is:

    Ent Nut
    => About 3 minutes wait time
    Ent Sapling
    => merge 5 to get two
    Basic Ent
    => merge 5 to get
    Red Ent

    etc. This produces fruit when harvested, or after time a branch which when put together makes a water puddle/ pond.

    All of that is decent, although its in a loop, so after about 3 other changes, that third different series gives ent nuts again.

    Most of the time your objective is to literally have one of each manufacturer, so later when there is a request, you can make it. The other goal is to buy more nymphs to upgrade the ones you have, make them stronger, and get their artwork.


    Stay organized! That island space really fills up fast as your nymphs take initiative and start giving you random stuff you dont need. I recommend you literally produce just enough to merge, and to merge 5 of something as soon as you can. What you dont want is to have 3 different types of ents, as your then going to have 3 different level fruits. If you had 2 ents of the same level, at least if your nymphs are going crazy you will have a island of the same type of fruit. Makes clean up really easy. Obviously if you have 2 ents, your priority should be to make 3 more to upgrade it all into a new one. Saves space, and you bypass merging the items since this new one might just give you that newer item.

    Space should literally just be for storage of blue gems and gold coins. Gargoyles are a pain if you dont plan on spending money. Chests you should be able to get from ents (wooden at first, but merge those like you do chests).

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    I think you can get keys from ents. What are fruit good for? Harvesting sex toys, lingerie and food does nothing for me. Too much effort for stuff that is easier to get elsewhere. Same for candles, even if wax is free.

    The sticks from the ents give crystal mines. Those give a lot of chests and bathing tubs (and crystals) for harvesting with stamina.

    Is there an item generator above the seedling shoes? A high enough pool gives a red shoe seedling, but I did go up to 2 square pool and still only a shoe. Same for ents with the seedling item, this only produces ent nuts. And the crystal mine does not go above bath tubs.

    Is there a better output for storage/producers? They have a floaty version of their output and lvl 3-5 produce the same - so for merging you do not need 5 of the lvl 5 but can do with 1 lvl 5 and 4 lvl 3 or so.

    My storage buildings reset in cost. I do not know why or how. But lvl 1 started at 5 crystals cost again.

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    I hope this is readable. Obiously merges with 5 are best. But in the puzzles you have chain reactions and for home you can deactivate those.

    Read notation from right to left. So starting with 5 yields 2 better level and 0 starting level. Since for 6 and 7 you effectifly loose a starting item, those are worse. With no chaining you get the optimal output with multiples of 5. 20 looks interesting, probably bc 20 yields 8 with one lvl higher and 8 yield 2+1 level higher, thus having 3 to get to new level. Any higher item # is really tedious to get the number of items right.

    # Chained Only 5er Home - no Chain
    3 1.0 3 1.0
    4 1.1 4 1.1
    5 2.0 2-0 2.0
    6 2.0 2-1 2.0
    7 2.1 2-2 2.1
    8 1.0.0 2-3 3.0
    9 1.0.0 2-4 3.0
    10 1.1.0 4-0 4.0
    11 1.1.0 4-1 4.0
    12 1.1.1 4-2 4.1
    13 2.0.0 4-3 5.0
    14 2.0.0 4-4
    15 2.0.0 2-1-0
    16 2.0.0 2-1-1
    17 2.0.1 2-1-2
    18 2.1.0 2-1-3
    19 2.1.0 2-1-4
    20 2-3-0

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    wow great info

    I forgot i could deactivate combos in the home! By deactivating it though, do you still get alot of dimensional chests? They do get annoying, but then again its free 50 coins. selling them, i at least get enough to buy a shell.

    I like how this game has so much to do. Either your harvesting stuff with your nymphs, or when they are sleeping you can still harvest items from certain items.

    Make sure to keep your nymphs sleeping. I know that sounds odd but honestly if they are harvesting things you dont need (like the items your currently building to merge) your gonna be stuck with alot of random stuff. They also can fly in your way, which makes them harvest the wrong thing or just takes extra clicks to get them away. If you need a nymph and they are all sleeping, just merge some or buy enough to merge one. They instantly have max stamina.

    I thought it was a good idea to buy a bunch of love hotels (and its not a bad idea) but they spit out random underwear which i dont see a use yet, and like i said i actually want my nymphs sleeping unless i need them for something, which i can wait my 20 minutes.

    Fruit is good for nothing (so far). You can sell it or if you have a nymph work on it, it becomes strong pheromones to unlock stuff. But i got a few pianos of plants that do that anyway (at no stamina, just have to click it)

    also clouds are helpful, but they are a limited resource. something i didnt know

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    You really gotta stay organized. Right now i have all my nymphs sleeping so i can clean up.

    Its best that you move all your "masters" (highest evolution of each series) to the top or the side of the map. As you unlock grey areas, those items will be unlocked to move but hidden by your masters. By dragging the masters to the very top, it brings everything into view. More importantly though, if your working on a item to evolve (make 5) it will always be dropped into the open, making a efficient grouping so all you really have to do is make the connect 5

    It is also a good idea to stay focused on one combo at a time. I get distracted that i end up filling my area with 4 of everything. Once i get the 5th i can clear alot of room, but till then it gets uncomfortable.

    Might also be a good idea to have 2 of each master. Unless you maxed out the series, your probably gonna want 5 at some point in the future. Having 2 just means what ever it makes, your going twice as fast. If its something that doesnt require a nymph for harvest, its gonna be giving you goods while your waiting anyway.

    If a tree gives you item a lvl 5 item, But your master of that series is lvl 10, your reallly kind of wasting your time creating a bunch of 5s just to make another lvl 10. Its better to move on and upgrade something else, which in the end might give you trees that give lvl 7s, which does save you time anyway. unless you need it for a request.

    What i really hate (now that its not auto comboing) is the items that you click once to redeem. Things like blue crystals, gold coins, and these weird kinky toy things for points. I can combo them to get higher, but on my laptop sometimes it reads two clicks, which when i place it down redeems it.

    What are these points for? i only once got a request for a certain amount of points, but literally just comboing stuff i get points anyway. they could have made everything 1 point, with these items being a better deal. I also got a request for whips, which luck for me i had something that gives me those. I would hate to have to combo these items just to redeem it for a request.

    Buying buildings, prioritize blue crystals (like buy 5 lvl ones, when a single lvl one building cost the same as the 2nd level, buy those instead). Why? Because that is the building that will get you more buildings. I made the mistake of going for the gold buildings, and even though i have 2 lvl 6s, i cant make more because i only have a lvl 3 blue crystal tower. Its a fixable mistake, but i got to slowly build up the blue crystal reserves for when i have enough.
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  7. So about the higher level gargoyles (like marbles)... should I sell them? Getting rubies in this game is so slow and scarce, that I'm not planning to use them anytime soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brothersome02 View Post
    So about the higher level gargoyles (like marbles)... should I sell them? Getting rubies in this game is so slow and scarce, that I'm not planning to use them anytime soon.
    Unless there comes along a different method of opening gargoyles, propably best to trash them. If they really only can be opended with rubies, they are rather expensive.

    do you still get alot of dimensional chests?
    Yes and no. Unless someone convinces me otherwise, there is a chance per merge and possibly a modifier with item lvl to lure ppl into spending more rubies. So with a chained merge you simply do a lot of merges and not "one" big merge.

    also clouds are helpful, but they are a limited resource
    Um. Clouds dissappear after they rained down and the machinery you unlocked dissappears after harvesting. But the airships produce clouds (and strangly enough, the ressource to build more airships).

    Quote Originally Posted by hornyg4mer View Post

    If a tree gives you item a lvl 5 item, But your master of that series is lvl 10, your reallly kind of wasting your time creating a bunch of 5s just to make another lvl 10.
    Even with generous calculation we are talkin 2,5 to the power of n.

    Lvl Increase Merge 3 Merge 5
    „+1“ 3 3
    „+2“ 9 7
    „+3" 27 16
    „+4“ 81 40
    „+5“ 243 98
    „+6“ 729 245
    „+7“ 2187 611
    You need a little more with 5 mergers, bc this approximation assumes you continue to upgrade. Values are rounded up. Does not include the needed time to arrange the mergers.

    If you have a row of trees or warehouses and their output forms a neat line of 5 (or 8 or 10 or 13) this makes it easier.

    For the pools to create seedlings I found it easier to spam my nymphs on the pools to completely fill all my area with red shoe seedlings and then massmerge them. At least the game does a lot of 5er along the way, what I found out with my other table. Is worse than pure 5er but better than a lot of 3s. But you see the difference in effectivness from 3 to 5 merger, if you want to upgrade from starting item, like free wax, to a lvl 8 candle... you need thrice the amount of wax. If you only want to go 4 lvl up, the diff is "only" twice.

    For things like that it is probably better to bring higher lvl items from the puzzles. If you are lucky you get it in your free bubble.

    And of course, it is dangerous to line your buildings up, even if you shuffle them together. One missclick and lifting up and setting down and you merge. What I did, is this:


    O Free space, C rystalwarehouse, M oneywarehouse. Above and below you can put other items if you want. Manually harvesting them usually puts the output in the free line then for easy merge.

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    1. Nymphs in mission stages have unlimited stamina, and most stages have unlimited time. I maxed out the 'Eco-Dildo' tree by just harvesting and mass merging fruits/veggies until I got to the chili pepper at the end of the chain. Takes forever, but now I never have any further need for produce.

    2. The fact that nymphs auto-harvest is annoying. Try to move them off if you hear the harvesting sound and you didn't direct them to do anything.

    3. Some things you will want to pay to bring back to your home are rubies (yeah, pay one to get one) to combine for that tree, coronets for combining, and at least one golem scarecrow to generate boob padlocks that combine into safes. Although you do uncover golem wrecks on your land, it doesn't come till too late in my opinion. The scarecrow also periodically generates ink spots on its own.

    4. Keep the area around your brothels free if you want the panties/bras. They only generate in directly adjacent squares. On the other hand, if you're trying to keep land free for other projects, clump all your brothels together and block off the adjacent spaces with other items.

    5. Don't forget that merging 5 also works for shells/nymphs.

    6. The end of some merge chains have purple highlights in the discoveries section. I haven't reached any of them yet, but they have to be more significant than the ones that don't...maybe an epic reward or something.

    7. Save your bubbles for when you have land to heal. Stack them up outside your play area until you need them. You can also save mission rewards that way so they don't take up any land space until you're ready to merge them.

    8. You will at some point need lower-level items that you can't harvest once you merge the thing that generates it too high. Either keep one of each low-level generators or be prepared to buy them as needed.

    9. Don't lose track of time. This game is an enormous time suck which is a good thing, but damn if you don't start noticing the time at 4 am.

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    Hot summer event!

    Even if you dont get far, its free stuff!

    Much like your home (although cant turn off auto combo) just stay organized and make combos of 5 if you can.I reccomend getting a candle or two as fast as you can, and upgrading those (since this event is literally 2 goals)
    First goal: Get alot of points. you do that by combining ice creams. Its event points, not the same as points you get from every day combos. Obviously set a area up for only ice cream production.

    Second goal: requests and unlocking land. Some requests are easy, but the one that is gonna be a pain is unlocking 700 tiles of land. I currently have a few plants that generate pheremons anyway, and i have one nymph on a candle to combo high level pheremones. I dont think im going to get the goal, but im gonna try to do that as well as unlock more items.

    Unlocking event points should have a priority though. Your gonna get to keep what you unlock based on points. Also if you do come across more ice cream makers, merge it up to save more time.

    good luck

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