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Thread: Soul Senki

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    13 Feb:
    D A D B

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    14/02 Hidden Secret Art

    A - B - B - D

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    15/02 Hidden Secret Art

    A - B - B - D (yes, they got lazy and repeated the same sequence)

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    Feb 2020

    General Questions

    1. How do you change the poses of your battle souls?

    2. What is the best and fastest way to obtain soul jade?

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    17/02 Hidden Secret Art

    B - A - D - B

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    Hmm. Does anyone know if the new event soul is worth the roses to get or not? Because admittedly, I don't really feel the event 6* Impression is worth it? But that's probably because I'm feeling iffy about its more circumstantial effect than others I've gotten.

  7. If you can get enough shards for her 4th skill she's probably really good. It boosts defense for the entire team every round, and it has the same wording as Ashikaga Mako's skill so it should keep stacking. Being able to stun the entire enemy with her active should be good as well, even if it does recoil on her.
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    I probably can't do that, at least not if I keep subsisting off of the natural energy regeneration/handouts, but maybe I could get enough to summon her. That sounds like it's a good idea to try to work towards her however? Just hopefully, they'll rerun this event some time soon in the future so we can continue working for her shards too.

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    18/02 Hidden Secret Art

    B - A - B - A

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    Today h/a

    Hidden art today B-D-D-B

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