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Thread: Soul Senki

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    thanx alot

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    i use date mai, takeda mei and akechi seiko in back row for a really long time. right now at lvl75, 7* each, they're around 5% less bp, than my two 5* ssr, and a little bit stronger than my 4* ssr.
    their powers match each other pretty well, and their shards are easy to get. you just need a strong first row to defend them.
    i had ddb-baa, but dbb-baa is pretty good too.
    i kept all my battle soul's levels at the main level and their equipment levels too, but it's harder to do that when you progress. so i didn't pick one to boost to max and let the others alone.
    Thanx Alot the advice is really appreciated

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    10/04 Hidden Secret Art

    B - B - D - D

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    How do I go from budding romance to mutual affinity?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    How do I go from budding romance to mutual affinity?
    you start with white liking, don't remember it's name
    then lvl up 10 and there's green, budding romance
    then lvl up 20 to blue, mutual affinity
    then lvl up 30 to purple, two hearts as one
    then lvl up 40 to yellow, love for life
    boosts are based on character and rarity ssr gets the best boost

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    11/04 Hidden Secret Art

    B - D - A - A

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    Secret today A-A-B-D

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    13/04 Hidden Secret Art

    D - A - B - D

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    14/04 Hidden Secret Art

    A, B, B, D

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    Is the timer for the event shop correct? It says there's 7 days remaining but the event itself ends after today. I would hate not being able to spend the rest of my event tokens that have stockpiled due to the daily purchase limit.

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    the events tomorrow but you have extra days to buy event items from that shop, then its gone

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