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Thread: Soul Senki

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    Dating Food Quest

    It's in the Boss Rush area, they added Blue food to the winnables (Note, I've not gotten a single blue food item in two days, so it may be glitched).

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    16/10/2020 B-A-A-A

    yes, got nothing too until now, like it was something super rare, lol

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    17/10/2020 A-D-D-A

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    18/10/2020 B-A-A-B

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    19/10/2020 B-A-D-A

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    20/10/2020 D-A-B-D

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    21/10/2020 B-A-D-D

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    22/10/2020 A-B-B-D

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    Anyone have any tricks on beating Anzera (last boss on the Halloween event) with three stars? She seems grossly overpowered and I have 184305/1400000 on the bp recommended so I really think it shouldn’t be this hard. Her secret art is ridiculous and crits at least one person on my team usually killing them. I don’t get it.

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    23/10/2020 B-B-D-A

    About Azura, well, bp is just the bp of the opponent team I think, but these kind of SSR soul have super skills which make them way more powerful then it seems. Worst is Tifa stage where the bp is shared between 4 opponents. I'm unable to do any damage on even the troops...

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