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Thread: Soul Senki

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    04/28/2021 ADBB

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    Just an FYI,
    Soul Senki is shutting down on the Japanese DMM sight as of May 12th. This is a bad sign for the Nutaku version, as that usually means the developer is going to shut down the game on Nutaku as well. Just an FYI

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    Sadly, not a surprise. With the lack of new stories and events these last months, we knew the end will come sooner than later.

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    sometime around the end of 2020 the Game's Creator said they were shutting down their game. Shortly after AlphaGames stopped releasing new events and running weekly maintenance. About 2-3 months ago we on the Nutaku Discord Server discovered that AlphaGames was hiring new employees for a lot of positions. Then AlphaGames started running maintenance again and has made actual attempts at fixing bugs as well as giving us these cheap Packs for Event SSR units.

    So, 3 months ago everyone on the Nutaku Discord would 100% agree that Soul Senki is "dead in the water" and waiting to shut down. However now many of us are unsure as AlphaGames looks like they're making actual attempts to keep Soul Senki running. Currently AlphaGames only has a Localization License for Soul Senki, but they might be trying to get the Rights to the game itself so they can keep it running. So, we really have no idea what the Future has in store for Soul Senki as AlphaGames could very well successfully get the game Rights, but they could also just be trying to get every last Cent they can out of the game before it ends. Only time will tell.

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    04/29/2021 ABDD

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    04/30/2021 DDBB

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    05/01/2021 DDAA
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    05/02/2021 ADBD

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    05/03/2021 DBBB

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    05/04/2021 ABAA

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