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Thread: Soul Senki

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    Soul Senki

    Newest released game, didn't seem to have a thread yet, and I had a question.

    Anyone know about that 'hidden daily combo' thing? I somehow received it today, netting me around 50 rubies and 10 of the blue exp pots. -- Defender > All-Rounder > Attacker ? Defender, if anyone is interested in getting the loot. Note: You have to use their secret arts in that order.

    As for my thoughts so far: TL;DR -- Another cash grab game, which likely won't keep players for long.
    1. No inventory slots nor girl slots (so far)
    2. You get free energy -- Though you have to log on at the correct time to claim it.
    3. It seems you can get their vip status by completing quests -- Didn't look to far into it, but it seems like other games', Eg. being able to purchase more stuff with their premium currencies, along with unlock some features.
    4. Skip battle isn't locked/gated by resources, and completes right away; and there's an auto-battle feature.

    1. It seems some of the images aren't translated -- Like if you go to the upgrade screen to level a girl with potions, you can see some moon-runes.
    2. Some useful stuff are gated by level, like daily quests -- Like who does that? You need to get to level 18; though I'm currently 14, that's due to getting the +60 free energy, and a couple hours of wait. Edit: You get 1 energy every 5 minutes, I think? Have to mouse over it, and stay there. Since you need 6en for regular levels, and 12 for 'challenges', that means you can play one level every 30min or 1h.
    3. You need to collect 'shards' to obtain girls, with the premium one netting you the required amount to unlock/star up the girl; while the coin one has a slim change. -- Did it around 3-ish times and no shards at all, and even if you get shards, it's only 1; meaning there are only two viable ways to get girls, farming the challenge stages and using premium currency to roll; add on that it takes 3k to roll 11, and rubies seem to go for around a 1:1 ratio with NG (excluding bonuses), and it looks like their expecting you to pay around 30USDs to get girls.
    4. I have no clue how to get coins; I've been getting some from that Date Min training thing, but yeah, might need to be higher level before you can start farming for it. -- There's also a different currency for upgrading equipment, which you get every time you finish a stage.
    4. The currencies (coins and phantom) are dropped at the end of every level, but coins seem really low -- Challenge 3-2 gives you 2~2.5k only, as an example, along with Chapter 4-2 dropping 1250-ish or 1.6k at 4.3. Note: You need gold for many things, like tier ups, leveling skills & decor, and gacha.

    PS. The Free energy thing seems to be buggy; there's a time indicator, if you look above the button, which I assume is when you can claim that, or you buy it with premium. Problem is, the 120 one is currently 'available', but when you try to claim it, an expire message pops up. I'd assume they're using GMT-5, due to that notice when you load the game, meaning it's currently 22, so the last one. -- Here's the problem, I had started playing around 8 hours ago, and 21-5 one was what I had claimed then, meaning, I should have been able to claim the 13-21 one (aka the bugged one, for 120en). This could means that they(Nutaku) changed the energy rewards so you can only claim it once, at 60, rather than the intended 240.

    Hit or Miss
    1. Minigames -- There's one for the 'secret arts' (unless you use the auto button), then there is the Rock-Paper-Scissor gambling (You either lose or win 10k), and some match two (using 10k) to get affection stuff.
    2. There is a lot of 'features'; like tier up, star up, leveling skills, upgrading equipment & decor, along with affection. Some of them are 'hidden', like that daily combo thing I asked about, or that Neko Blessing thing. (I got a blessing that increases SR rate.)
    3. You get 5 free rolls each day (Hopefully)
    4. Premium currency seems easy to come by, though that could just be due to level completion rewards.
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    Meh, it has a PvP arena. That's an instant hard pass for me these days. Sick and tired of developers forcing players into money fights with each other or else they'll get gimped arena rewards.

    Too bad because I really loved the animation and sprite quality at least and was considering spending money until I fortunately saw that.

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    Today's secret combo is Shield>Blade>Star>Blade; this will probably be the last one I post.

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    Unregistered Guest

    Hidden secret art

    Would someone explain to me this "hidden secret art" thing?

    What it is how to get the clues and to execute it?

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    ....what is with the buggy translations #NA is not a translation.....

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    For anyone playing - today's (10th Nov) hidden secret art combo is Defense > Balance > Attack > Defense (Shield > Star > Blade > Shield)

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    today, 12th nov it's

    balance > attack > balance > balance

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    Would someone explain to me this "hidden secret art" thing?

    What it is how to get the clues and to execute it?
    I got the sequence to do one just by doing missions, and it is the order to use super skills in one round. The reward I got for doing it is 10 1k experience potions and 50 rubies.
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    Today the 13th of November:

    Balance > Shield > Sword > Sword

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    Hello. Does anyone know what time the developers of Soul Senki goes by? Is it GMT-5 time or GMT?

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