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    Vixen Wars

    It's like a micro version of Millenium War Aigis.

    The amount of cards you get from the three types of treasure chest are based on how far you've progressed in the story. It upgrades every three story levels. I'm not sure if advancing in Hard Difficulty and up beyond what story mode gave will upgrade it because I've never been able to do that (Hard Mode gets... hard, and its rewards tend to lag behind Normal Difficulty relative to its difficulty). The amount of each rarity of each card you get is always set so don't expect a 5 star card if the chest doesn't say you'll receive a five star card. Always complete the story as far as you can before binging on chests. Eventually an F2P player can get 5-star girls from the first clear of boss stages in chapter 3 and up, as well as from medium Mystic chests that sometimes are rewarded from dailies after clearing through mid-chapter 3 and up (although whether you're a whale or an F2P, you probably won't be using anything but 1-star characters for anything besides some niche support roles)

    For the most part, a level 10 1-star archer has the same stats as a level 10 5-star archer. However, the 5-star archer will have some extra perks, usually in the form of better skills or one particular stat that has a higher growth rate or a set higher amount (like increased range). These extra perks typically don't make up for being underlevelled except in some niche cases (like the huge heal aura range of the five-star healer and paladin)

    A character's level makes a huge difference. A level 11 archer will typically have 20% more attack and hp and armour than she had at level 10. If you can't beat a stage despite coming up with what you think is the best strategy for it, just level up a little more.

    Stamina use: Use stamina on doing stages if you need castle upgrade materials (those do not drop from boss levels), Aspect Girl upgrade materials (the one for level 5 and level 10 is a boss-level-only drop), and 1-star character cards. Use stamina on talking to your aspects if you need gold or the higher character tier cards that can drop from the basic chest that you can buy for 1k gold (IE, use the gold you get from talking to your aspect girl to buy chests. You'll get less 1-star cards that way but more 2-star cards or whatever else that chest might have depending on where you are in the story). You also get a quest chest (that doesn't contain aspect upgrade materials but does contain 15 event items instead of 10 if there's an event going on) and a 24-hour buff for the first 10 correct questions you answer for each aspect each day, which I recommend going for (getting those daily quest chests just for talking to the aspects and then using the gold from that to buy chests is a good way to get event items too if needed). Aspect girls max out at level 10 (you only really need just one of them at level 10 for gold spamming conversation though I think) and their castles at level 5.

    For the most part, unless I'm missing something here, your 1-star cards will eventually out level pretty much everyone else due to how often 1-star cards drop from everything (you don't even get 2-star cards from stage chests until midway through chapter 3 and only get a small trickle of 3 star cards by the time you reach the end of chapter 4). Considering that a level 21 1-star girl has like, 4x more damage and 4x more HP than a level 15 5-star girl, you're probably going to get stuck just using your 1-stars most of the time later on, although certain 5-star characters can still be used for their support skills if you manage to keep them out of harm's way (for example, the 5-star paladin and 5-star healer's heal-aura range is enormous so sticking them in the back to heal your entire roster in some stages is still viable even when they're level 15 and everyone else is in their mid 20s). Some stages will do things like let you use 10 ranged characters but there are only 6 1-star ranged characters and your 2-star+ girls will be obscenely underlevelled. But that's nothing that overlevelling your one-star girls like crazy can't fix since levels make such a big difference.

    Class tips: The game says what enemy type each class is strong against and it's pretty sound advice. The exception is boss enemies, who seem to have 0 armour no matter what their type and thus are always weakest to assassins and rangers. Also, your assassins, witches, and mages have 100% magic defense.
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