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    Don't be so pessimistic. Just because an event repeated doesn't mean the game is dying. I think it's quite healthy still.
    One has to remember that the devs are still human and need time to rest. The fact you get an event every 2 weeks is a miracle in itself. Most games don't even have events for more than every 4 months. Count your blessings and be thankful for what you have.
    Millennium War Aigis was quite healthy and Nutaku's biggest gold mine on their site, but they had no qualms about shutting it down for no reason at all. And despite what people will insist I highly doubt that DMM was the one who decided to pull the plug on the English MWA. More than likely the development team for MWA just got lazy and decided they were tired of playing catch-up to the DMM version. If it WAS DMM who decided to pull the plug, we would have gotten that as the reason instead of that half-baked excuse they gave us.

    I suppose I got off track. My point is, just because it seems like some game is safe doesn't really mean it is-- especially since Nutaku seems to have no qualms shutting down long standing, popular games to make way for newer, more money oriented games that no one really cares about.

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    At this point, isn't Nutaku in full control of Osawari? It ended on DMM a long time ago already.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    At this point, isn't Nutaku in full control of Osawari? It ended on DMM a long time ago already.
    I`d love to see what kind of excuses they are going give us when they shut down Osawari.

    Imo Osawari is now like the Angelic Saga, given up by the original JP developers...look how it ended? lol.

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    Does this game even have much of a forum presence on the internet? This website and the wiki are the biggest places I know and they're not especially fast moving.

    Osawari is taking in some serious dough if the cash shop is anything to go by. However, I don't believe it's especially smart to splurge heavily in this game.

    Nowadays on the rank board there's like 5,000 total people who just click an event mission. I say a little over 1,000 of those had some interest in the event. It's easy to get into top 500 without boosters as long as you're diligent. But you can tell top 100/300 has some serious spenders and much rougher competition. If the core players are gone this game is over, imo.

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