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    here's hoping I get only gacha tickets everyday from roulette hah

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    Quote Originally Posted by Myers View Post
    2021 Poll Winners

    Popularity Poll

    1: Cyclamen (New Version + New Skin)
    2: Silk Tree (New Version + New Skin)
    3: Wolf Berry (New Version + New Skin)

    Topic 1 Poll

    1: Lycoris (New Version)
    2: Silk Tree (Skipped)
    3: Blushing Bride (New Flower Memory)
    4: Anemone (Skipped)
    5: Snowdrop (New Flower Memory)

    Topic 2 Poll

    1: Cepha (New Version)
    2: Hinoki (New Flower Memory)
    3: Canola (New Flower Memory)

    Topic 3 Poll

    1: Bluet (New Version)
    2: Tampala (New Flower Memory)
    3: Pothos (New Flower Memory)
    Well it's good to see that Licorice and Cepha got new versions as I'd hoped. Too bad that Tampala fell short though but at least she is getting a second FM some time this year. As an aside, this is only the second time that Anemone finished outside of the top 3 in the main poll and the first time that Pinkladies hasn't had a top 3 finish ever. I can't help but think that's only because they're the first two entries to the Hall of Fame.

    These results also mean that the top three in the main poll are each getting their third versions at the same time, letting them join the ranks of other Triple Knights like Dendrobium, Cattleya, Oncidium, Ivy, Ghost Weed, Nerine, Dragon Fruit, Sakura, Licorice, and everyone else I forgot about.

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    Looks like they really beefed up honor medal and sun medal drops in addition to permanent stamina reduction to various missions. In the highest available missions, getting 2500 and 3400 per map, respectively. So glad I waited to clear out the sun medal shop.

    Also, looks like Nushi and Boat missions are permanent now.

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    there was a voting poll shit
    Quote Originally Posted by Volarmis View Post

    Title: Adult chocolates

    Bauera: I get the feeling that Hemerocallis also prepares adult chocolates for Valentine's Day~!
    Barrenwort: Yeah, yeah!
    Hemerocallis: Fufu, is that so? Actually, it's only the regular ones. For example, ones like chocolate bonbons with western alcohol filling.
    Bauera: An adult~!
    Barrenwort: When you said "adult chocolates" I imagined a life-sized chocolate in the shape of Hemerocallis~
    <Choco Hemerocallis: I'm you present~>
    Bauera: Obviously, that's out of the question since you can't even carry it around~!
    Barrenwort: Eh? It can be carried around, you know?
    Bauera: Eh?
    Barrenwort: It can be carried around, you know?

    oh well
    id eat her
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    Looks like cash-shop exclusive FMs are a thing now.

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    Well for the free ones, I finally got the Balsam FM.
    Oh my at level 1 for bosses gives 15% attack and 15% damage buff to the equipped girl
    Stuck in on Pinkladies dreams. Want more of those!
    Maxes out at 40-40

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    I want it lvl5 too. It's one of the best offensive FM.
    I want this one too: [Chat Chit] DMM FKG-memory_r008s.png. I only need two of them to have it complete. It's just a +25% ATK for all but with the Castle FM (+5% ATK per girls alive at the start) it's an easy +50% ATK.

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    DragonSword has translated and uploaded the current event's script.

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    First time I got one of these off roulette. Going to bring Skunk Vine to LVL 110 with that
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    Memory Crystal wares restocked, can marry a 3rd girl now.

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