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    Well I got Iwarenge, but shes only about half ampied not even bloomed yet. Was trying to bring her up right. I guess its not meant to be.
    I am only at 31 so it will probably be the end of the weekend before I get to it.
    Knotweed is ampied lvl 80.

    Those 480 deals over the weekend are worth looking in to. They change daily limit 2. I scored a 100 RG ticket for the first time and a new Apricot rainbow

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    I did it. I beat tower lvl50! (and it cost me 100 ampies of each and something like 3M gold)
    I used that team:

    Easter Cactus is only full HP & ATK amped. PI Yarrow is full ATK super amped.
    PI Yarrow deals the main damages. Sparaxis is here for her pursuit damages.That's the only damages not affected by def here (I guess). Queen Anemone has provoc for infinite skill act and damage buff. Maid Cowslip adds more ATK and dmg buff over the time. Easter Cactus bring her revive ability, very useful when Queen Anemone or PI Yarrow are down.
    For the memories, PI Yarrow and Sparaxis have weak dmg bufffor more damages. Queen Anemone has provoc for obvious reasons. The tiny evade bonus can help sometimes. And then, the two other have boss dmg for slice and dmg buff over the time for more dmg for PI Yarrow.

    I was lucky on the real fight and I killed it without relying on Easter Cactus heal.

    It's a painful fight but doable. It's a lot based on luck and it's over when Yarrow is down. But at least, it's a way to pass this stupid lvl50 boss.
    Now, I'm affraid of what's next.

    The next five levels are easy crit. Just send your best RRose, PI Yarrow and Balsam. An easy single FG.
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