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    Quote Originally Posted by maotd View Post
    The new 7 or 27 limited stage (available for 24h in the limited stage tab) is really good. 7 stamina, doable as much as you want and make Rainbow Shards for rarity growth easily farmable.
    Yeah great! I was about to ask your advice about farming that stage, I want thousands of them!

    It comes at the very right time, I need to upgrade quite a few 5* to try Sigilaria.

    I'll just let my team farm this stage for a whole day and see
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    Really easy to farm. 10~15 stamina potion should be way enough to get 500 of them. The only actual limit is real time.
    I don't know if this stage will came over each 7 and 27 of each month but it would be awesome to RG a lot more 5*.

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    Should be able to fill up about any type of team with the RG now.
    may not be perfect, but maybe good enough.
    That event girl lemon grass seems pretty good buffs for a single target.
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    Yeah, recent event girls are much better than many 5*s from gacha, and they add some power and uniqueness to my roster, for example I desperately need a healer and Crinum is my obvious choice, I also need a strong attacker like Tritoma, some supports with peirce attribute.. My goal is to get 20k mats.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NBPEL View Post
    . My goal is to get 20k mats.
    You should be able to make several full teams outta that!
    I'm going for about 7K for future girls.

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    Kinda unfortunte because I used 10 stamina potions and was about to auto my next session and maintenance happened.

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