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    What kind of new events would you like to see?

    Hey all,

    We are glad to be in 2017!
    HaremHeroes already has a lot of tasks on the roadmap for the year...
    It is going to be an interesting journey great improvements ahead, and a lot of fun, for sure!
    Yet, I would like to ask you what type of events would you like to see in future?
    Please share your ideas no matter how crazy they may seem (Kinkoid enjoys craziness)

    Be dirty, be nasty - the only advice I could give!

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    Oh, gee... In terms of scenarios for storylines / affection scenes I'm just sort of along for the ride to see what craziness you guys come up with. My first thought reading the topic title was to think more in terms of gameplay mechanics, like how the Xmas event made use of the daily missions and a calendar / checklist for a special event girl instead of having the event only use troll and epic pachinko drops.

    Even before seeing this topic, I was kind of wondering what else could be done along those lines.... Like a battle arena challenge asking for 50 wins against hardcore, 50 wins against charm, and 50 wins against know-how (or whatever target would be an appropriate challenge to chip away at over the length of an event)? Or... a pachinko challenge counting... all of your green drops from your regular pachinko winnings, I guess? (Sorry. That last thought wasn't that good.)

    Hmmm, here's a thought that includes a bit of gameplay and story... What if as a challenge for Easter... Let's say that that Bunny (or her mom or one of her sisters maybe) hid sex toys all over the world, and the challenge for players is to go back through just about all of the adventure story scenes looking for where things have been added into the background. Clicking on one leads to a short bonus scene (possibly just one image similar to an affection scene) made for the event, possibly costing a bit of energy to complete the scene. Maybe, if it's not too tricky to implement, the locations of the toys would be randomized for each player each day (but no farther than something within a certain range of the player's current progress to not make it too unreasonable for newer players who are still working through the story for the first time). And maybe there would be some sort of progress tracker like the Xmas event had for daily missions. Find a certain number of toys each day, or find a specific type of toy (assuming that they're all unique instead of just having the same dildo hidden everywhere) that's requested for that day, to get credit for that day. And complete a certain number of days to win the special Easter girl.

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    I would like to see an event where all the girls are gathered, like a big huge party
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    As a big fan of Summoners War I think there are things to do with what they do on a regular basis.

    - First, events should be around the gathering of "quest items" which will allows you to "buy" the special girl(s) from that said event.

    - In order to make it easier, a new screen should be added in a way it was done for x-mas. I like the idea of a "Game of the Goose" board. Where you move forward depending of what you get and along each case where you stop you get a new item.

    - Events are always good when they are connected to a seasonal one (x-mas, easters, halloween...). But sometimes it coud be fun to add one linked for example to the number of players to help people knows about it...

    - You can always use the fight the evil dude of world x, but as it is pure luck it could be very frustrating when you are not. In Osawari Island you can buy items to have a 100% catch luck. Maybe something like that could be added?

    Thats it for now
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    Clans in Harem Heroes

    Clans or teams in Harem Heroes is a great idea, with a specific system of battle for that !
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