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    I can't find Ana's scene in the osawari island torrent, does anyone have it?

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    Is there a discord link where I can joined
    On Shin Koihime Musou Tenkatouitsu den
    Related stuff?
    Also the person who posted the mega link with the video archives no longer works. Can it be reposted again?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jazer View Post
    You can find them on Exhentai. I cannot post the links but just go to that site and search "Unitia".

    And speaking of Unitia, since I really loved that game, I recorded all the scenes (not only the sex ones, also the story) for the japanese version before it ended, and now I'm trying to do the same for the english version, since they announced it will be closed in a few days.

    My problem though is that I never managed to find Aselia (who was one of my favourite characters). Is there anyone who has her and could record her 3 scenes in english?
    Hey, do you have the sex scenes from the English version of Unitia? If yes, could you please upload them?

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    No idea if any one has the unitia folders anywhere but just incase they don't

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    Hentai Harem Land desu :v
    Someone made a Fruits Fulcute R Viewer from Sadpanda/Exhentai, it's over 8GB, I'm wondering if anyone also has it on MEGA or a torrent? It's currently uploaded on Pixel Drain and I can't seem to use JDownloader for it. Anyone willing to share it? Thank you.

    It's on the comments of the gallery "[DMM.com] Fruits Fulcute! R (part2)"

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    Looking for the Brave Girl Ravens XR Scenes

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    4chan Lostthread?

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