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    If it's in the miracle ticket sense, then no, not Michael. Michael is absolutely not worth spending money for.
    The next SSR to target for you would probably be Eros.

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    I don't recommend you use a ticket on Micheal, unless she gets a good enough awakening to make a difference and even then that might be too much of a wait. Eros for the next ticket since you already have the 2 main priority SSR light himes, Sol and Tsukuyomi. If you managed to get her before it, then you're free to use it on whomever or on another element instead. Next in line you'll want is SSR Artemis who won't be released til the 3rd ticket I believe.

    You'll want to try to get SR Belebog or SSR Raphael til Eros comes out, then she replaces either of them and also want SR Diana til SSR Artemis is released but you can't really do anything other than just hoping RNG gives you any of them if you don't already have them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slashley View Post
    Yes. Since in those skills, each hit gets the +Ability damage separately. Which is really the thing that makes Susanoo's Awakening, as she gets +50% +Ability damage (eventually) from her Atk buff.

    EDIT: Svarog doesn't have a multi-hit skill, does she...?
    EDIT2: Oh, yes she does. But it's just 2 hits, 3 hits when Awakened. The base damage is also relatively high, so +Ability isn't nearly as good for her.
    and here i gave here all the ability accessory and attack/burst damage to ares XD
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