Setup was not that bad, so I gave it a try.

On the first 15-20 levels it was fairly okay to play`cuz I had steady progres in both storyline and girls' improvement. But the more I've played, the more annoying this game appeared to be.
The main problem are credits - u can't achieve them in any decent amount during considerate period of real time. There is just no method, mechanic or some other way to obtain them freely. That amount I earned during campaing is just ridiculous, faction battles were stupid as shit 'cuz there was no idea behind it (devs just threw in on players "as it is" so there was no real competition - one and only faction always won), now this new PvP is as stupid 'cuz it's not ranged in any understandable way, I cannot earn ary credits from winning and it's buggy, no, BUGGY!!!!!! It can be made into decent battle arena to play and earn some decent credits on it, but when all these bugs and mechanics will be fixed or improved? Another year of await? I just finished one single pvp of 10 attempts - other 9 we bugs and freezes! Nice job guys, yeah...
The second problem is some basic mechanics. While battles are fairly interesting, those "donate on energy refilling" and "donate on girls' recovery" hidden messages give me quite substantial feeling that devs so wanna have my money before I even taste this game decently. Played 2-3 battles - go walk out your cat for and hour or two, then do 2-3 more - go play soccer or whatever. Booooring. Recovery time is just ridiculous - I have 3 times more of sarges than commanders, but sarges' recovery time is 4 hours and commanders' is 24 hours! Clinical stupidity, I don't even wanna explain why.
Art is quite decent, but poorly arranged. 1 scene for one girl duting all 5 (now 10 iirc), not even static art placeholders for each level. Sarges are ridiculous - only portrait with full clothing. Basic h-poses are nice, but still there is a whole wast of undone h-content.
Music and bgm are so-so, but still buggy when game's sheet is not active. I have to mute this sheet on/off all the time. Annoying.

Overall, there is too little content, and this content is too raw and buggy for me to even consider donating. Warfare setting is good and concept seems promising, but it's realization is just pathetic atm. I will seldom look what's new in this game, right now it's practically unplayable for me, or rather it's nothing to do after only half an hour of play. Well, that's fair enough - if gamedevs do not care about their project, I don't see any reason to bother myself playing it.