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    So what's the best gear set for each class?

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    So what's the best gear set for each class?
    Depends on the girl, in my opinion. I like all archonte except for a crescent staff for Althea and full warring legion for Eli. Zera and Roxelana have a mix depending on the slot.

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    Has anyone had any trouble with Ava's final romance scene? I get the first picture as normal, but after the scene change the screen goes totally white inside the game window, and though I get the flash between picture changes, the screen stays white afterward. Text progresses normally. Stays that way after I cleared my cache. I've put in a ticket for it, but I wanted to know if the problem is limited to me or if it's a problem with the scene itself.

  4. I had no problems with her scene.

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    What's a good team? I ran Nuka, Althea, Eli, and then someone I kept changing for a while. Currently I'm running Roxelana, Althea, Eli, and Ava. Is this a good and viable team? Currently Roxelana is only like level 30 and I just finished the first campaign. I have Agni, Beatrix, Billie, Suzume, Helen, Coral, Lapis, and Agni. Beatrix and Billie have such high power ratings at level 1 with no items. I assume that's just a glance on how strong they are but it doesn't seem to matter as much as it seems. People say the starting squad does fine but I heard Billie is really good especially for stunning bosses. If I put Billie in, I'd probably replace Roxelana for double support, one dps team. The double dps, single support, single tank squad I have right now seems ok but Roxelana is a really low level right now because I just got her not too long ago. I hope her ability later on does more damage. Her ability is level 6 and it only does 9k damage.

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    aw, the Game trolls me xD

    I got today Camilla the new Maiden from the free gacha, but i still miss Eli(the last of the rare ones). I mean it's nice that we have a fair option got get every maiden even as a pure f2p Gamer, but it feels a bit waste of exp if i still need to run arround with Helen.

    But maybe Camilla will be a better tank later because if her stun ability? (still need to level up her first of course) At least she feels like a "better" Helen

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    I've been leveling up my Eli, and to be honest, if you have Althea and one other ranged maiden in their 60s (I use Coral) that's all you need unless you're trying to farm XP on Campaign 2 (which may be smarter, but I'm lazy). And honestly, having Helen in there to trip aggro too early would be detrimental. 90% of the time I don't even place Eli on the map, but just let her whore the XP off of Althea's/Coral's work.

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    Romance Scene

    I want to see a all of winter character romance scene T.T

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