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  1. Lucky! All I got from those was Helen, Crystal and a grey necklace.

    I can't say I've used an AoE skill since I got Daphne. I'll use Zera's next time I play and see if I have the same problem.

    Edit: First time I used it it was way off from where I targeted, second time was right on. No delay either time, it seemed to snap to the closest enemy rather then where it was pointed.
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    Unregistered Guest
    My game is still running like shit

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    Kusho Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    Got Ivory from Easy 6.
    Oooh Ivory, is she good? Saw in wiki she has some kind of drain life so she can heal herself, looks like a pretty good skill compared to other archers.

    As for my Vanille, she kinda grew on me even more as it turned out she fires both her pistols at once, doing double her displayed damage. Also she hits instantly, no flying projectiles bullshit, which is great (as Zera for instance quickly fires 5 arrows at an enemy, 4 of which land on an already dead target - aka she does like 1/5 of her potential damage unless shes firing at a boss with lots of health)

    On the downside however Vanille has short range for an archer, her range is on par with Heet. Still her instant double shot is great; she's doing quite good damage already at lvl 45

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    Unregistered Guest
    Anyone know a fix to the game running like shit? I have like 1 fps and the game takes so long to load.

  5. I got Jess earlier today/yesterday, I still need to level her up to see how her stats stack up, but her skill is an unlimited range fat line which should be really good for pulling aggro. It may even be able to pull an entire line of archers and a healer out of 2-60's murder hole.
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    Kusho Guest
    Yeah her skill would be hilarious against those lined-up archers. Its the first damage skill (at least i am aware of) that can be targeted at whatever you want from wherever you want. Finally a damage skill worth upgrading

    Shes also VERY powerful, according to wiki...almost warrior-like health and damage, very very solid

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