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    Unregistered Guest
    Hmm... Apology bandana for the initial poor drop rate?

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    Aug 2016
    Valentine Event is back for purchase items but the missing ingredients are not fixed

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    Kusho Guest
    They really need to make skills scale with gear cuz as it stands i dont really see any reason to use any dps skills at all. Example: My Micah deals 250k damage at 180 speed (almost 2 shots per second) and 30% crit rate. Her skill deals ~250k (lvl 20), often doesnt hit anything or only hits 1 target, skill stops her attack animation so she skips at least 2 regular shots if not more... So basically using her skill results in a huge dps loss in most situations...

    What do you guys think?

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    Unregistered Guest
    I consider Micah's skill to be one of the few useful "DPS" skills.

    Not so much for the DPS, but for the aggro pull. Any enemy damaged by it will activate and come running to my characters, which is far safer in terms of keeping my ranged characters from running up in front of my tank.

    Only problem is how inconsistent it is. If you don't hit any of them, you don't pull any of them. If you hit too many of them, you may overwhelm your tank.

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    May 2016
    Not loading which is REALLY annoying

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    Unregistered Guest
    game doesnt load for me anymore

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    Clear your browser cache. Worked for me.

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    BANDIT999123 Guest


    Is anyone else having problems with character equipment. My game won't let me unequip my current gear or let me equip my better gear. I see the button but it's gray so I can't click on it.

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    Unregistered Guest
    Inventory full? Sell/upgrade an item.

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    Bandit999123 Guest


    Full inventory was the problem thanks for the help

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