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Thread: Support us.

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    Support us.

    Hi, friends! <3

    How are you these days? Did you enjoy our latest ride?

    We want to gladly present to you our Patreon page. It's the best way to support us and at the same time receive tons of rewards:

    Take a look at all we have here:

    Our Patreon page has been set up for quite a long amount of time. We worked on it each day, and we continue doing it, just because we want to be super sure that our Patreons are receiving the coolest stuff ever!
    *There are constant koban bonuses + artworks and pre-releasement content all provided to you with lots of love.

    Please, do not hesitate to write to us with any type of questions!

    Big Thank you to all of our Patreons! <3

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    fuck you

    fuck you greedy assholes... i paid for the season pass and you charged my card but never delivered... fuck you

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    Mar 2021
    I am pleased with the recent Patreon event!

    I am not a fan of recurring billing, but the value was hard to pass up.
    However, I have been spending $5 USD for the Season pass and the
    $3 more for a Silver card was a gift.


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    getting error

    i keep on getting the error:
    "500 Internal Server Error
    An internal server error occurred. "

    only with harem heroes, when will this be fixed?

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