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    Login Failed Issue, cannot resolve

    Happened a day ago and I suddenly could not login to my account, It shows :
    There was an error with your information login failed

    So do the normal routine of checking for capslock, typing the password carefully one by one, using copy and paste and checking for space bars and all that, and I still couldn't log in
    So then I tried 3 different browser and cleared the web cache of each one it still shows login failed
    I tried to reset my password, but i did not get a mail, tried several times and checking the junk mail section, it is still not there
    So i tested my main account by sending a friend request in-game, I got a normal notification mail, meaning that my email was not changed so it could not be hacked
    after that I tried find people with similar problems, and found only one, who got his account banned.
    it is by then I was like " oh sh** ", and contacted the support
    I ask all of them both of my account login issues and reset password mail issues(asking for a manual one)

    I first tried the website support, it claims it can resolve account issues, it even has a loggin in to nutaku listed as a problem,
    all 4 times that I contacted them (each time I explained it in more detail) they send me to email to community at nutaku dot net
    I also went to the live chat, as one of the response i got from website support claimed i can use this to resolve the issue
    I did 3 live chat , they told me that they cannot resolve this, but they told me that my account is reactivated, normal, and have no dispute what so ever
    I also filed a game support ticket, one of the website support told me so, no hopes for this however, it will take a while till i get a response on this

    Lastly the community at nutaku dot net they told me mail, it is 2 days worth business hour passed and i still haven't got a response from them, it just seems unreliable but they are basically my last hope

    So here I am asking for saviors, if you ever resolved similar issues before please tell me, the entire support team of nutaku is tossing me around like a ball, and i need some help

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    Bro, Im in exactly the same situation as you are. I've waited 3 days for the password change email. I'm done with nutaku. Good thing I didn't spend so much money

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