I just got Mena after completing Lola's minigame and waiting the almost four days of filming.

Lola rewards a +70% outfit where she's dressed as a weathergirl, and another where she's dressed as a television star. The final screen in her story is blocked by a NSFW button, which is hilarious considering that the screen before that has her swallowing jizz.

Lola's spycam was a lot better than cherry's, since it had a story and sex scenes. I like how the gameplay worked better, where the game progressed either very fast or very slow, but didn't like having to slog through an hour and a half of old screens every time I did a reset before progress was possible.

Mena is clothed in her final picture, but, unlike the other girls, the screen defaults to her first sex picture. Mena has additional sex poses at 700 and at 1000.

In combat, she has a 20% bonus to hearts. After buying the diamond accessories, I get her combat stats to 200, 215, 230. I think that this is below what you can do with other girls. She has no diamond accessories that work with the +70% outfits, no tattoos. That's a shame, because the clothes are expensive enough to block progress towards additional girls, should they be added.