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    3 star all maps

    11 Rikas - only CR her twice LOL - didn't give her plat treatment
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    Quote Originally Posted by HungryHunter View Post
    3 star all maps

    11 Rikas - only CR her twice LOL[/URL] - didn't give her plat treatment
    Congrats and at least Rika will appear in other Revivals/Events. I'm not sure if Nutaku has given her that true damage SAW as of yet, so no rush.

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    I would have settled for getting her Skill to rank 8+ but thankfully I was able to perfect her. Sophie & Deine ate most of my Noels and Rainbows so it's nice to have Rika in position for SAW without having to dip into my supply. The cost reduction is just gravy, all things considered.

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