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    just wondering, i see you guys did 17-39 invidual PP and wondered why to go this far?
    Well as others have said already, it's partly for the weapon enhance mats. Having fully max-lvl'ed grids with spares for every element is a beautiful thing.
    And I estimate we ran 90% of the battles on auto-attack, so it's not like it took much effort.

    The other part is to simply challenge yourself on the higher lvl bosses. It's good to get a feel for the lvl 300+ bosses and see if you're able to beat 'em for instance. Eventually, these Union Events will come with Rankings for the top Unions, so it's to prepare for that future. The fun is in the competition. So far, I think only Amaterasu beat our total this event. So Top 2 ain't bad, since the Top 5 all get same rewards later in rankings.
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    here's my count

    I got too tired and busy w/ holidays
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