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Thread: *New* Cuntwars

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    Circle of hell

    Its about the boss in chapter 9.Circle of hell. Its telling i need league 19 and i should defeat previous boss , i m in League 22 now and defeated previous bosses couple of times , but couldn't fight that boss , i m actually stuck and cannot continue the story , Need help .

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    A few beginer questions for veterans ;)

    Hi guys, just started past friday and I've been playing like a possesed!

    Got a few questions, maybe you can help me please:

    I'm at League 18 right now, and there's still a LOT of card that I can't evolve into the next rarity (rare to epic or legendary) because it
    sais the card hasn't been discovered, my question is, the only way to discover those cards is by buying boosters?

    Second question, I recieved like 600 purple small bottles or such from an event, no idea whre/how to use them....

    Last one, I saw many new creatures lately, no bitches LOL, but skeletons, minotaurs, cyclops... very cool stuff, where can you get that kind
    of stuff, because I've never got even one of them on the many booster I've open.

    Thank you!
    And just in case you are new, here's my referal, follow it and we both will win


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    I'm here to help new players.

    Recently they changed the disciple system. After you have started playing the game and leveled up a few cards cards you will quickly reach rank 3. At that time you will be able to add a Teacher. Go your friends tab then disciples tab and you will see an option to add a Teacher. Add my ID VHMAJT where it says add a teacher. Then go to your inbox and you will claim your new epic chest. By adding me as a teacher you will be able to message me and get help from a top veteran player. There are a lot crucial tips the game won't tell you about but I can after you add me as a teacher. After adding my 6 letter ID VHMAJT you will see my in game name (Spade) pop up in your teacher tab.You can only add a teacher one time and the faster you do it the faster you can benefit from it. You start out at league 30 and work your way up to league 1 then GM league. You will want to reach league 15 quickly for extra benefits. Please note that you will see a lot of new accounts spamming there ID in chat. Once you add that teacher code there is no way to change it later on so I highly advise using a code from a teacher that will help you like myself VHMAJT.
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    Veteran Here

    This game thats not XXX rated is called mighty party, ive been playing it for years, I'm at level 769, so yea. Cunt wars, i stumbled across just a little while ago, not sure how i cant remember, it seems to be legit. WHEN YOU FIRST GET THE GAME, YOU GET 2 FREE CHESTS, so choose wisely. Go to the shop and the first 2 you pick you dont have to pay anything. i didnt know that, i clicked on one and i got it for free and was like wth, and then did it again and was like no way, so i clicked on an expensive one and was asking me to pay. I looked into it and found out the first 2 you get are free, so i f-ed that off. I also tried putting my info in to buy a chest, and it said my card was declined. so hopefully I didn't just set myself up to get my account ransacked. I read online about it, it said it was legit on a few different sources, and no money has been lifted from my account yet, but yea its legit. It's hella fun. Ive been reading that this game is far more difficult than mighty party, due to they want you to pay money to get the upgrades to win.

    You dont NEED to do that, just have to continue to play, and eventually you'll win. My advice, save your gems early, once the events start thats where you unlock hella cards and get more and more gems coins, wins, etc.

    i only read a few posts, so not sure what the other questions were but feel free to ask, hopefully i can help answer them...

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    Cunt Wars can be played completly free if you don't mind grinding events a little bit. If you want a head start on the game you can add me as a teacher and recieve an epic chest and 2000 gold. After you level a couple of cards and reach rank 3 goto "Friends">"Teacher" then add the code VHMAJT
    Remember to add my ID VHMAJT in the friends/teacher tab after reaching rank 3 for an epic chest and some in game help. You can also find me on the game's discord https://discord.gg/44XRMKs at spade#1949

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    Network issue with cunt wars

    When I open cunt wars.....they shows restart the game network problem

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    If you live in a state that doesn't allow nsfw content you could try using a vpn. You could also try restarting your router if you have a network problem> it's possible you may be using software that blocks it.
    Remember to add my ID VHMAJT in the friends/teacher tab after reaching rank 3 for an epic chest and some in game help. You can also find me on the game's discord https://discord.gg/44XRMKs at spade#1949

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