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    Quote Originally Posted by Draganis View Post
    I cannot do daily wishes, for it doesn't appear in my Tasks:
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    Maybe you don't have enough girls yet.

  2. The prize for Daily Monarch is in now. It's a sex scene with Andrea.
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    Excuse me What are the mementos that I must gather to be able to level up?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Él chagro View Post
    Excuse me What are the mementos that I must gather to be able to level up?
    They are rare drops that you get from the gacha. The memento you get is for the girl you roll the gacha on, and unless it was proven wrong at some point, don't roll the gacha while the girl is sleeping or it won't drop them for some reason.

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    The requirement to level up Mary is complete 2 daily wishes, but I don't know what it is and how to complete it, anybody help me?

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    Album Special picture

    do u guess see that good boy picture ? how to unlock it or is it preparation for new event?

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    How the hell do you pre register, I’m looking everywhere and people are all asking and I see no answers lol

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