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    How can I use character shards to do a summon?
    If you have enough shards to summon a particular girl, then go to the character menu (bottom left corner from the main page) and the girl will be listed as "summonable". Click on her box to summon her.

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    Unregistered Guest
    Got it, thanks. Time to get some ninja sisters

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    Unregistered Guest

    How do you get marcy

    You can unluck her gun arx. vi but what the deal here? it doesn't appear in summonable characters either.

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    Any recommendation on what to splurge contributions on raid event?

    Gacha, Jewels, anything else?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    Anyone know if Isara is worth aiming for? And are Galrose or Maim better than Perille?
    Isara is a beast. Ever since I got her to 7*, she's always been on my main arena team even against opponents with no Earth girl. She absolutely destroys any Earth and Ranger girl, including both Yidhras, and easily overpowers just about every other girl, Fire girls not excluded. About the only three opponents that can give her trouble is herself, Elnora (due to her double advantage) and Perille (strongest Fire girl). Khalis can hurt Isara, but will die before she can kill her.

    Galrose is terrible, which is sad because I have her 7* too. A 500k Galrose can barely put a dent in a 350k Charlotte.

    Don't have 7* Maim, but I guess it's safe to say she isn't better than Perille because she doesn't make me nervous like Perille does. Then again, if Isara had Sorcerer killer instead of Ranger I might have felt differently.

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