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    Title: Thinking that curry's fine

    Merchant: If it's about the highly popular product, the "Sweet Curry", I have one ramining can right here~!
    Dusty Miller: A curry that's sweet, huh... It seems even I should be able to eat it. I think I'll take this one.
    Saffron: AAH!!
    Saffron: That's the highly elusive, phantasmal Sweet Curry, isn't it!! <Awawawa>
    Saffron: Dusty Miller, at least one bite, could I...
    Dusty Miller: Why don't we eat together then?
    Saffron: Ah... then again since we don't have a can opener we won't be able to eat it right now, right? <gloom>
    Dusty Miller: In that case, just leave it to me!
    <Master's Holy Instrument - Light Sword of the Bright Star>

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    Title: Blade test

    Flamingo Plant: Sigh... I want to test my new sword on something... <ecstatic...>
    Dusty Miller: What a coincidence! Could you cut this french bread into slanted slices?
    Dusty Miller: <Like this.>
    Flamingo Plant: Leave it to me!
    Flamingo Plant: YAAH!!
    <chop chop chop chop chop>
    Dusty Miller: !?
    Dusty Miller: I have a feeling it's becoming too small...
    Flamingo Plant: <panting> Here you go! Your slices!
    Dusty Miller: More like rice at this point!
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    Title: Efficient muscle training

    Japanese Glory Bower: I wonder if there's a more effective way to train...
    Veronica: Oh my, Japanese Glory Bower, there indeed is a good way~
    Veronica: When you're carrying a precious antique-like thing you get all tense and sweaty, right? Using this fact, you can walk around while carrying a precious thing.
    Japanese Glory Bower: I see...!
    Japanese Glory Bower: Then again, where will I find a precious thing to carry while walking...
    <still training>
    Veronica: Oh my... There is one, isn't there?
    Veronica: Alright, let's go like this to where the Commander is now.
    Japanese Glory Bower: Yes!! I'll do my best!!

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    Title: Showdown! Rose and Amaryllis

    Amaryllis: Being a noble, it's only obvious that I can do something like cooking!
    Amaryllis: I won't lose to you, Rose!
    Rose: I'll show you how to make the perfect cream pasta.
    <brandishing cutlery>
    Amaryllis: Umm... Make a cat paw...
    <trying hard>
    Amaryllis: Fine cuts...
    <Rose: We only have water from the water way...!!?>
    Amaryllis: Ok, all that's left is to stir-fry and put it on top of the pasta...
    <Rose: The closest source of delicious water is Lotus Lake, huh...>
    <Rose: If I go now I should arrive in about two days...>
    <Rose: ...Let's do this.>
    Amaryllis: I'm so glad-! It's fini...
    Amaryllis: Wha!? Rose!?

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    Title: It's not the same!

    Nazuna: Everyone!
    Nazuna: Santa Nazuna here!
    <Everyone: Yaay!>
    Nazuna: Here you go! For all the good kids...
    Nazuna: A silver petit Nazuna figure!
    Canola: Don't want it!
    Canola: <Where would I even attach this!>
    Di Yu: ......
    <Saint Paulia, Cepha Lanthera: Yaay!>
    Nazuna: <Fufufu> I thought you were going to say that, Canola, so I've prepared something special for you!
    Nazuna: Here you go, a golden petit Nazuna figure!
    Canola: Isn't that the same thing!!

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    Title: A small party

    Iberis: ...Hm? Isn't this cake missing a piece?
    Fir: Fufu, did you sneak in a bite?
    Iberis: I wouldn't do such a thing-!
    Fir: Easy, easy, it's alright, isn't it?
    Fir: Putting that aside, now that you mention it, earlier...
    <Fir and Iberis gingerbread companions' party>

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    Title: Hair arrangement

    Edelweiss: It's nice to dress up differently than usual from time to time, isn't it?
    Edelweiss: Should I also change my hairstyle while I'm at it?
    <target acquired>
    Snowflake: Lady Edelweiss, leave the matter of your hair arrangement to me.
    <tools at ready>
    Edelweiss: What are you trying to do?
    Edelweiss: With such tools, I don't think you can...
    Snowflake: It's fine.
    Edelweiss: It's not fi...
    Edelweiss: N...
    Edelweiss: NOOOOOOO!!
    Edelweiss: Huh...? It's really beautiful... <charmed>
    <That day, Snowflake's talent bloomed>

    Name: Volarmis
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