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    So i got Adlay as well. Not pretty and nice and easy but at least it's done...i need her two times (that's were the difficulty comes from) so i paid 20000 DMM Points and rolled the Gacha...

    First the Paid Gacha:

    2000 DMM Points: 5 Gold Dupes. Not worth to capture (5 Roll)
    3000 DMM Points: Forgot it. Uninteresting Roll as well.
    5000 DMM Points: 2 Gold Dupes. Not worth to capture (10+1 Roll) 3% Chance Rainbow
    10000 DMM Points: Guaranteed Adlay, Guaranteed 5* (10+1 Roll) 4% Chance Rainbow...All Golds were Dupes and that's it.

    Second Adlay i need i had to bite in the sour apple and Roll the Normal Gacha. Luckily she was nicer to me than Zinnia here and popped up after i rolled the Gacha two times.

    Am i happy with the results of the Paid Gacha??? Not really. Would have been really nice the improved Rates of 3% or 4% come in clutch to save me and spare me to roll the Normal Gacha. Also i hoped at least to get one New Gold but well Luck is definetly not on my side lately and Zinnia screwed my FG Stock badly.

    And i choose *her* now with my 100-6* Ticket.

    At least Mission Adlay is done now. I hope Corbett will be quick and easy.

    Tales from the Gacha-final-roll-10000-dmm-.jpg

    Tales from the Gacha-adlay-dupe.jpg

    Tales from the Gacha-100-ticket.png

    Tales from the Gacha-garden-phlox.jpg
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