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    Quote Originally Posted by Laventale View Post
    Man, I'd love this game to fucking drop me the last SSR Thunder sword I need for double MLB.
    The stress is real isn't it?

    I can remember almost throwing my phone out the window trying to get Tiamat second MLB SSR...

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    At least you don't still need 2 like I do :v

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    Quote Originally Posted by HugMeTender View Post
    At least you don't still need 2 like I do :v
    Or 4 like I do

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Gift received at 10-19-2017 from Kitty
Message: my baka!!! it's...for you....! 
not that i wanted to do it for you or anything....buy i happened to buy 2 so......blah!!!!
    it's kinda late, but here my battle against ragna amaru with fire team:

    sadly, the bow's effect didn't work so i was at -35% def debuff instead of -45%
    and the difference with it and using raguel instead of brynhildr was huge, when all debuff landed and i used brynhildr, ares could hit 722K with her burst even with lower level belial while here it was just like that...
    oh well. at least it's a clear
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    Quote Originally Posted by blubbergott View Post

    Anyways, fun challenge, took some trial and error to find a setup that works somewhat reliable. But as this outtake shows, in the end it's still RNG. :P
    Nicely done there blubber (same goes to Captain), thankfully my fire grid is maxed and i have plenty of hp with my fire (having less than 10k hp tilts me) so the challenge was rather easy for me, great job completing it with that hp.
    Shade on KH, fire main.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slashley View Post
    Thanks to Thunder having really, really few event Atk/HP weapons (wow DMM, thanks for no FLB on Ixid Blade), those are extra valuable too.

    And to this day, I still haven't gotten a single second MLB from a single raid event.  ̄\_(ツ)_/ ̄
    But Mastema's staff got his FLB a week ago, so things are not so bad. And i never got more then 2 extra copies of raid ssr weapon from any raid i played too. For example, from Amaru - 0 ssr weapons, 1 eydo, 4 sr water assault bows... 1 left to second MLB, 4 defender bows (just skill fodders as for me).
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    Well, I think I'm done with this cause I don't feel like grinding too hard... Gacha gave two Atalanta weapons and an extra Amaru so this is the end result:

    [Event 46] Raid Event VS Amaru-complete.png

    also, I find this Raid request funny SOMEhow...

    [Event 46] Raid Event VS Amaru-lol-support.png
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