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Thread: Fap CEO

  1. It activates on its own.
    Sacred Sword Princesses invite code for server 2: Ruu0006963

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    Wait, what?

    My daily stuff reset worked just fine - got my rubies, got the sell stock-order... my key cap just didn't reset. Still at 701/700. O_o Anyone else encountered that?

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    Is it possible that the game doesn't allow you to have more than 100k keys?

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    Daily resets are notoriously wonky, especially if you're signed in while they occur.

    I don't know about any key limits, I spend mine when I have 10K.

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    So...a bottle of prosecco gets you 30 seconds with a girl. The devs have definitely been to the champagne room before.

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    Alguien sabe cómo hacer para seguir hablando con dita? Simplemente me dice que mejore la silla y no entiendo a que se refiere ;_;

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