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Thread: Fap CEO

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    Can someone explain the drop rate details of the keys to rubies conversion process? It seems like I was getting more rubies before the nerf patch...sometimes now I burn a full day's worth of keys and I get no rubies at all. Was the conversion rate nerfed? Is it random and have I just hit a patch of bad luck? Also, it seems unlikely, but devs in other games have been known to do weird shit...is there an advantage to using keys all at once or individually?

    Unrelated, but is 99 the max chair level?

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    ally66 Guest
    It happened to me too - a day's worth of keys and no rubies. I don't really know if rubies drop rate is computed honestly for each key spent, or if there is any funny business going on. The changes in the number of rubies I get can be quite significant, so I would nto be surprised if it's not just random probability.

    I avoid using all keys at once, just in case. Usually, for 100 keys spent I get 0 or 10 rubies with roughly equal chances, and rarely 20 or 30 (or even 40).

    Don't know yet about the highest chair level.

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    I just spent 100x11 keys and got 110 rubies, seems pretty normal.

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    0.960 was the shit. Huge nerf. Thanks and bye.

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