Today is that fucking day. Yes, you heard me, THAT FUCKING DAY when Osawari Island closes forever. Here I was thinking it could last a few more years with reissued events and new girls/content by the original developer but hell no! They decided to end it faster than I expected. I knew the JP version closed like 2 years ago so the Nutaku version was my only chance at playing Osawari Island. I started playing Osawari Island on Nutaku a few months after its release (2015?) and this was the game that actually got me interested in Nutaku in the first place. I still remember back then clicking on an Osawari Island ad featuring Izanai which then pulled me to Nutaku. Then, I immediately said this game was awesome. And so I've been playing for 3 years until the announcement of game closure arrived. This was very saddening for me to hear. I mean, Osawari Island was one of the earliest games on Nutaku and has been here for the longest time so didn't know why they suddenly decided to end it. Occasionally, I will see it taking the 2nd spot in the "Top Most F2P Games" so no reason to end it, right?

All the games I'd been playing on Nutaku eventually closed down, with last year being the worst. Idol Wars Z, X-Overd, Mononofu and Sengoku Providence. During my first year of playing Osawari Island, I DID NOT even get a single booster from the gacha! Extremely lucky or unlucky? Seriously. As a result, I didn't get the Top 500 EP Ranking girl. But still, that didn't stop me from continuing to play Osawari Island mainly because it was a bit nicer in the gacha section. Even with a R ticket, I have a rare chance to get a SL Eromon. That is way better than trying to get a fucking 6★ Flower Knight (0.5% chance!) in Flower Knight Girl which to this date, I haven't gotten a single one from the gacha. Not giving up, I was eventually blessed with boosters the following year (when the reissues started) so I was only aiming for Top 500 but somehow pushed myself to Top 300 so I basically killed two birds with a stone. I remembered being so happy when I first obtained Hanao Takahashi from an event. Throughout my Osawari Island career, I have managed to obtain 6 EP Ranking Eromon which all of them I absolutely adore.

Osawari Island was the main reason I was playing on Nutaku but now with the game closed down, I don't think there's any reason for me to be on Nutaku anymore. Even if they're new games similar to Osawari Island being released later, none of those games can amount to the 3 years of effort I had put in Osawari Island. And come on, let's be honest, which other browser H-game keeps you on your toes by constantly clicking your Eromons here and there like Osawari Island does? Goodbye to capturing and leveling Eromon. Goodbye to rolling the Gacha for Eromon. Goodbye to gem crafting from Alchemy in order to get R tickets. Goodbye to smutty times with Eromons. Goodbye to farming EP everytime when there's an event. Some people might just brush this game off and forget about it after a few months, but Osawari Island will always hold a special place in my heart.