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Thread: Clubs

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    The latest patch notes (07-11-18) describe how clubs (aka clans) work, but they don't explain what they are good for.

    Does anyone know what the benefit of joining a club is?

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    As far as I understand it, it's a template feature for future expansion, and for now it will only provide a chat for club members.

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    I see, thanks.

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    Club chat?

    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    As far as I understand it, it's a template feature for future expansion, and for now it will only provide a chat for club members.
    How does one chat in a club?

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    There is a speech bubble icon to the top left.

    Note that for me the chat only works on my PC, not on my phone.

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    So, if i want to join a club, it's better to wait for future patch?

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    Maybe we should use this thread for club recruitment? Let me be the first.

    Machos Ibéricos
    Server: Nutaku
    ID: 2982
    Language: Spanish
    Requirement: lvl 200+
    Join by request
    Newly created. Guildmaster lvl 332, 156 Girls

    Next in spanish for appliants:

    Vamos a iniciar un arriesgado proyecto ahora que los clubes cobran una verdadera importancia en el juego. Un club restringido por idioma y zona y aún así con expectativas de crecimiento competitivo. Centrándonos en el nombre del club, ¿vamos a ser todos machos? PROBABLEMENTE. Aunque el número de jugadoras no sea de cero en el server, las probabilidades de que quien esté leyendo esto y quiera entrar al club sea una de ellas son ínfimas. Sorpréndenos si es el caso ¿Vamos a ser todos todos ibéricos? Ese es el verdadero requisito. Y eso deja abierto a que también se unan portugueses, que ibéricos somos ambos paises. Pero el idioma para el club es castellano, entendámonos todos. ¿Más requisitos? Ser nivel 200 (con opción a variar según como empecemos) y permanecer en el juego aunque no sea a diario.

    Así que si la bandera de tu perfil es de España o Portugal y te sientes muy macho y muy ibérico, manda una petición para unirte. Y si no lo es por VPN o situación geográfica real, pero aún te consideras un macho ibérico, adelante también, pero en ese caso mándame aquí un privado o a ID 5014167 de Nutaku para saberlo.

    Y por último debo dejar claro, dadas las circunstancias que tenemos hoy en día por España con las banderas y demás, que vamos sin ninguna de connotación política

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    Server: Nutaku.com
    Name: Einherjar [EN]
    ID: #3016
    Language: English
    Current member count: 1/20 (brand new)
    Point of the club: Gathering a large group of active, dedicated players who will contribute to and reap the benefit of the new club features to the fullest. The new club system discourages players from investing into a club unless they're absolutely sure they'll stay within that club, because if they leave they will lose all the resources they had invested. Therefore I wanted to create a club that focused around having active members, so that people could invest in the club without fear of it dying (I'm personally very active, and there's very little chance of that changing any time soon). The idea isn't so much as to create a community, but rather to allow the more hardcore players to safely take advantage of the new system knowing that they're not rowing a sinking ship.
    Restrictions: Be at least level 250. Requests only.
    Expectations: Playing actively and eventually contributing to the club features (once they're sure they'll stay). If a member goes dark without notice for more than two weeks, they will get kicked. Social participation is not required, though it's obviously always welcome. Arguments and heated discussions can be had, provided they remain civil. Kicks will only occur from intentional, malicious harassment, or prolonged inactivity.

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    Looking for atleast semi-active club members [FIN/ENG]

    Server: Nutaku.com
    Name: HC but friendly
    ID: #2992
    Language: Finnish/English
    Minimum lvl requirement: 0
    Club Stats:
    * Hardcore Stat: 1lvl
    * Know How Stat: 1lvl
    * Money Gain: 4lvl
    * Experience Gain: 2lvl
    * Endurance Stat: 1lvl

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