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    I bought two memorial tickets and they both gave me LRs, might have just been lucky though.

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    Oh my god, if it's random SSR->SLR then okay but if it even have R...hell no, forget about it already. I just take the LR/SLR 20% then.

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    why? Pls close some other shit game and focus on this awesome game. Shit productor

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    I got 2 LR cards from the LR tickets, 1 SR, 2 SSRs, and 1 SLR from memory tickets, too bad the SLR is the one I already have.

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    Guys u can still play from the oficial DMM page , the only problem is the japanese

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    Nutakufan Guest

    Archive of images

    If you go to Rule34.xxx and search up nutakufan in the searcg bar, i have about 150 or so of the harrm scenes uploaded! Hope this helps people!

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