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    [DMM EN] Otogi Frontier

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    New game launching soon (apparently on both DMM and Nutaku at the same time), don't know much about it. Screenshots make the game look a little like Kamihime, but with a fairy tale theme. Any JP players familiar with it who can provide more info?

    Oh, and I only just noticed, but Taimanin Asagi is up on DMM's EN site, too.

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    Can't say I played much of Kamihime to compare them.

    Parties are 5 girls +1 extra and 1 helper which switch in for the dead.
    Battles are sorta real-time with turns. Selected skills are activated immediately after whatever current animation finishes and can be chained for a damage bonus. Skills have a recharge time but it only fills a set amount per action.

    Each girl has one fixed personal skill and can equip up to three subskills of certain categories/colors. Their equipped weapon can provide a fifth skill.
    Orange = physical attacks
    Blue = auxiliary attacks (added status effects/lifedrain/etc.)
    Purple = magic attacks
    Pink = support magic
    Green = passives

    Unwanted girls can be scrapped for a copy of their base personal skill as a subskill.
    Subskills are treated like items that can be equipped and unequipped by anyone that can use them.
    Skills are leveled up with generic skill fairies or copies of the base skill. Max skill level is 5.

    Rainbows & golds have their personal skill evolve with their second limit break.
    Limit breaking girls costs a bunch of farmable elemental stones or a single dupe. Using dupes is not recommended outside of maybe the last limit break for rainbows/golds. Otogi Stones can be in short supply.

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    Does anyone know who's managing the English version? If it's not the original devs, then I'm not interested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by unknown67 View Post
    Does anyone know who's managing the English version? If it's not the original devs, then I'm not interested.
    it's original devs.

    Also we are at almost 1.9k followers throughout each page - last chance to break through those last 100 followers, each person can easily be a follower on 4 links!

    facebook.com/otogifrontierglobal/ facebook.com/otogifrontierct/

    twitter.com/CtOtogi twitter.com/globalotogi

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