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    Well, with my Himes, I can't figure out how to do double Full Bursts. I can do ~30m off-element with Water Vigor build, doing FB on turn2 before I lose much HP. Asherah Awakened is +40 to all, Neptune is +50 burst to Medea thanks to double Wool. I believe it is the same setup that is used for double FB on Water, but I'd need to have Water Diana replacement for the second full burst, I think.

    With no Wind Atum, Water Diana, Ymir, Michael and Aether, I think I am basically locked out of double full-bursts from all elements. I will probably finish around rank 100, which is by far the lowest I've ever been, but what can you do.

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    It is sad but pretty much the best I can do. I am still far, far away from even completing my Water Vigor Grid, hah.

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    Instead of spending all of my resources to make one super strong grid, I tend to want to shore up my weakest link. Although, having said that, with the introduction of T4 soul changed me slightly. In any event, none of my grid are that far along and I have only just begun unlocking the 4th accessory slot for some of my more often use hime. I don't think I'll break into the 100's and may be the next dummy will favor my play style more

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    I held position in top 250 through taking advantage of the 50% auto-debuff (although annoyingly, I have no Thunder SSRs with blue, and my ideal max-damage Water SSR grid doesn't have green OR blue, but anyway). Hit 23M for Thunder and Water teams, everybody else 17M and some change. I eventually used Thunder for both Light and Dark, which was pretty disappointing as I have good eidolons for both. My Fire team held up very well against Wind, which was nice because Thunder would never do very well there.

    Hopefully by the next competing-event I'll have a T4 soul and can jump up the rankings a little bit more. I'm still more than 100 away from Slashey, after all. :-)

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    So, the sixth Skill Checker-kun has ended. For future reference, here are the winners:

    01. Rori Juice		331m [7e,352H] (Isekai)
    02. Caldernaji		278m [5e,268H] (DarkHell)
    03. geoffchu		274m [1e,288H] (Isekai)
    04. dreamlitz		270m [3e,319H] (Nonsense)
    05. nonsensei		267m [1e,306H] (Drama Club)
    06. Umarekawatta Senshi	254m [4e,306H] (Isekai)
    07. Scorpiossss		238m [4e,321H] (Isekai)
    08. 666			233m [3e,325H] (=Akatsuki=)
    09. TrueRayS		231m [3e,290H] (Isekai)
    10. Linkin Park		230m [6e,358H] (20something)
    11. AsD2038		224m [6e,348H] (談笑颩甡學習俓驗 (Talking and laughing))
    12. SiegeDragon		224m [7e,335H] (Isekai)
    13. Aurelius		219m [2e,293H] (Weeb Wanks)
    14. blahmoo		217m [2e,307H] (IronBlades)
    15. demonitizedtxxx	213m [4e,294H] (Weeb Wanks)
    16. Meaqua		211m [4e,341H] (Perfection)
    17. Msy			209m [2e,252H] (20something)
    18. Will		209m [6e,294H] (談笑颩甡學習俓驗 (Talking and laughing))
    19. Osmium		208m [3e,276H] (Cybeast v1)
    20. Belo		205m [3e,305H] (Пандорика (Pandorika))
    23. Whale		202m [6e,321H] (談笑颩甡學習俓驗 (Talking and laughing))
    25. FlyingPengy		202m [6e,309H] (DarkHell)
    30. Little Hsien	197m [5e,273H] (WindSoughs)
    42. Minerva		184m [4e,317H] (Drama Club)
    [e stands in for number of 100%+ Eidolon, H stands in for Hime count.] For reference:
    37. Slashley		188m [5e,317H] (Kingdom AR)
    01. Rori Juice		62m, Wind	[145e]	Medea-Titania-Aether-Uriel-Atum		(Isekai)
    02. Caldernaji		54m, Water	[160e]	Medea-Neptune-Vohu-Lakshmi-Asherah	(DarkHell)
    03. geoffchu		51m, Light	[120e]	Medea-Tish-Michael-Lugh-Iris		(Isekai)
    04. dreamlitz		50m, Wind	[  GE]	Medea-Aether-El-Atum-Sytry		(Nonsense)
    05. Umarekawatta Senshi	49m, Wind	[160e]	Medea-Titania-Aether-Azazel-Sytry	(Isekai)
    06. nonsensei		48m, Water	[  GE]	Medea-Saraswati-Lakshmi-Asherah-Hypno	(Drama Club)
    07. FlyingPengy		46m, Light	[120e]	Hector-Sol-Michael-Lugh-Iris		(DarkHell)
    08. Scorpiossss		46m, Thunder	[120e]	Medea-Justitia-Marduk-Perkele-Arianrod	(Isekai)
    09. TrueRayS		46m, Wind	[120e]	Medea-Titania-Aether-Azazel-Sytry	(Isekai)
    10. 666			45m, Light	[120e]	Charlemagne-Atum-Michael-Kali-Lugh	(=Akatsuki=)
    11. AsD2038		43m, Wind	[155e]	Shingen-Aether-Cu-Uriel-Azazel		(談笑颩甡學習俓驗 (Talking and laughing))
    12. Linkin Park		43m, Wind	[160e]	Shingen-Titania-Aether-Uriel-Azazel	(20something)
    13. Aurelius		42m, Wind	[160e]	Medea-Aether-Frigg-Azazel-Atum		(Weeb Wanks)
    14. Msy			42m, Wind	[160e]	Shingen-Aether-Cu-Uriel-Azazel		(20something)
    15. Little Hsien	42m, Wind	[140e]	Shingen-Azazel-Atum-Asherah-Sytry	(WindSoughs)
    16. SiegeDragon 	42m, Water	[160e]	Medea-Saraswati-Vohu-Lakshmi-Asherah	(Isekai)
    17. blahmoo		42m, Wind	[160e]	Medea-Aether-Uriel-Azazel-Atum		(IronBlades)
    18. Minerva		41m, Water	[100e]	Medea-Saraswati-Lakshmi-Asherah-Hypno	(Drama Club)
    19. Osmium		41m, Wind	[120e]	Medea-Cu-Azazel-Atum-Sytry		(Cybeast v1)
    20. Whale		41m, Wind	[120e]	Shingen-Aether-Cu-Uriel-Azazel		(談笑颩甡學習俓驗 (Talking and laughing))
    22. demonizedtxxx	40m, Light	[120e]	Medea-Tish-Michael-Lugh-Amaterasu	(Weeb Wanks)
    25. Meaqua		39m, Wind	[160e]	Medea-Arianrod-Aether-Azazel-Atum	(Perfection)
    26. Belo		39m, Wind	[160e]	Medea-Titania-Aether-Azazel-Atum	(Пандорика (Pandorika))
    28. Will		39m, Wind	[160e]	Medea-Aether-Frigg-Azazel-Atum		(談笑颩甡學習俓驗 (Talking and laughing))
    [e means Elemental, c Character Atk, G for Guardian.] For reference:
    45. Slashley 		36m, Water	[160e]	Medea-Neptune-Vohu-Lakshmi-Asherah	(Kingdom AR)

    Good work, everyone.

    Very specific Hime was required this time around. Well, that is always the case, but this time in particular. The most interesting additions are SR Hime who had the elusive double blue abilities, such as Sytry or Thunder Nyarl (who didn't make the final list). Still, despite the cores of all elements being very rigid, there was a some amount of variance.

    Congrats to Calder to being a very clear second. I have no idea how you did that while supposedly not having Wind Atum in the back, you otter madman.

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