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Thread: Merge Nymphs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hornypony View Post
    Totally worth are the rubies in the maps. you can take them home and merge them up.
    To expand on this, it may seem like 'Oh, spend a ruby to get a ruby, what's the point after you unlock the discovery entry?' But with merging 5 you get more than your spent ruby's worth out of each of the rubies you merge.

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    Dead land tiles

    hi i got a quest where can i finde the most dead land tiles i got a quest for it but cant remeber the maps

    for the ruby part i yous the quest where you can get them, maps or you harvist from the golem totems the chest they can drop them too

    rubiy 1 +1 ruby 2 +4 ruby 3 + 15 more is not working :-(

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
    No it'll not dissapear.
    But it will run out of shells.

    All top tier buildings (the purple framed ones) give a few shells first time you click them. Except tree and crystal warehouse. The tree just spits them out and the crystal has no purple tier. The top coin warehouse gives shells but gives no coin item.

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    So it looks like I'll be clearing out the event prizes tomorrow...once you get a couple of mid-level pollen producers (I use the ones you get from the red couch) you can completely forget about anything else and just merge 5 your pollenated ass off till you're done. In terms of the event map, this required only clearing the lands that comprise 'Europe' and 'Asia' on the stylized globe. Maybe it required less, but that's when I lost patience with clearing land, anyway.

    Am I missing anything by not clearing the rest of the land on any of these event maps? I get it that the event with the limited stars required clearing all the land to reach the event points for the prizes, but with the exception of coins/crystals/gems, nothing form the event map itself carries over to the home map. Does anyone bother with the completionist stuff if it isn't part of getting points?

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    You want the event rewards and the quest rewards. Both go to home area.

    The rest of the event map ist just ... well, there are some rubies and crowns. But coin buildings are nerfed on those maps.

    And the t9 on home is bugged. Do not put fertilizer on it. t8 works.

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    im "done" with the event. With a high Flower Bed you can farm and merge alot of bigger "hearts" and clean very fast the maps. But it's made that you can not clear the whole map without spending rubys. The last part you have to put in a open big chest to open it. Not sure if you can get a big open chest via the event quests (which, to be honest, is BS if you have to harvest from specific items you already emptied, because of the lack of space or if your nymphs harvest them automatic if you not careful.)

    My mind is mixed if it comes to events like this with a new map to clean. It takes sometimes way to long and the rewards are not that much different then playing the smaller events with the loot that comes from playing normal Levels.

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    Edit to above: I just think this Game need more options for the player. Like choosing if the nymph should farm and loot on there own or not. Or if they only farm a specific item.

    Maybe this is something the developers don't want, because then ppl have to play the game and keep track what the nymphs do and clean all the "mess", but after playing the Game for a longer time now, it feels way more work then playing. Focusing on things is one thing, but if you have to "clean no needed items" all the time, it stops making fun.

    And yes i know that if you have less Houses for the nymphs, you have not many flying around, but even if you have only one house, you will have later over 100 of nymphs flying around and try to give them all a "work" to do before they start "playing" with other items.

    I don't want to change the game into "automatic", but some sort of balance on your map, so it don't starts to get anoing to play, because things happen, you don't want to happen.

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