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Thread: Soul Senki

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    I cant claim my mail

    I'm playing soul senki on the nutaku version. Eventually I got bored of it and stopped playing it for a year, I decided to check out the game today to see how it's doing, then I saw the thread saying it's shutting down. A shame really, it was really fun to play except for the trashy drop rates for ssr battlesouls lmao, one problem is that I can't claim the rewards attached to the termination mail that they sent, am I too late to claim it or is it bugged?

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    The mail was just sent out this morning. So you're definitely not late. It's just unclaimable. I'm not sure Soul Senki intended to send that mail out with rewards attached to it. Then again 500K Rubies and 500K Energy would be rather obscene

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    Some games are like this when they are going to close: unlimited ressources to thanks the players and let them enjoy the last days at max.

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    I definitely wouldn't mind those 500K Rubies and Energy, but sadly the Rewards are a Lie

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    Or maybe it's impossible to have 500k energy and that's why it doesn't work.

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    could explain it. either way this Mail is going to be annoying AF for the next 29 days until it Expires and deletes itself. We can't use the One Button Collect because of that mail and I'm already getting tired of manually collecting every mail LOL

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