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    stop reload

    the game crash in battle.
    When i win, reload the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hornyg4mer View Post
    So lets talk about what makes one card better than another.

    Difference in stats- Attack and health differences
    Rarity- higher rarities produce better gains when being fused
    1st ability- in fusion, the cards only keep the first ability of their 2 items
    Fusion- on a similar note, certain cards fused gain a 3rd ability, depending on the item given to it
    Duplicates- being able to find more cards to fuse and maximize the card

    The silicone ability, in my opinion, is a support card. Although it can be played first, and probably survive, its best use is 2nd or 3rd lane, giving the cards around it a added boost in attack.

    In comparison, lets start narrowing the cards down to find the best for each rarity.

    Legendary: at this time, I'm only aware of 1 legendary card available to players. This might change in the future.

    Epic : I would first start by dropping police officer from the running, as it has 1 less than the rest in the running. Next, both Whore and Hooker have the exact same stats. So i would say that Hooker/ Whore are the winners for an offensive deck, and Entomologist would be the best for a attack heavy deck.

    Rare: The clear winner would be Basketball player, as it gives the most silicone. Attack and health don't really matter because if it comes down to a fight, it will probably be inferior. The best use of this card would be as support, same with any other silicon card. I don't see any reason to play a rare if you own a epic rarity.

    This is all my opinion and advice for more experienced players.

    I didnt compare any normal cards, as rare cards are easy to come across, and grey cards are inferior in comparison.
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    Thanks Captain Obvious

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