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    Versus Tales x Kamihime Project x Magicami x Asagi Collaboration event

    So, this has been a thing for a few days. It's a collab event where you play all of these games (all from the same developer), and the more games you complete the bigger the rewards. Kamihime rewards for completing the other games:
    2 titles achieved → Magic stone x150
    Achieved 3 titles → Premium Gachachike x1
    Achieved 4 titles → Kamihime Liberation Gachachike * 1
    So that's 150 Jewels, 1 R weapon and 1 R Hime weapon. Nice, it's fucking nothing. Still, if you want to bother, here, let me help you a little bit. You have until the end of the month to complete these, so ample time.

    From hardest to easiest:
    Taimanin Asagi Battle Arena:

    This game is a total piece of shit. The missions are easy to find, just hit the big purple Weekly Missions thing.

    - Daily login, 5 times
    - Land a killing blow on Red Oni, 5 times
    - Land a killing blow on Speed Demon, 5 times
    - Land a killing blow on Fulst, 5 times
    - Win two PvP battles in a row, 5 times

    Okay, so, these missions are a complete fucking nightmare. Mostly because the game is complete garbage. But also because the missions are garbage. So, Red Oni, Speed Demon and Fulst are all raid bosses. Raid bosses are randomly spawned when you play through the main Quest. Only one raid boss can be up at a time, so if you get Red Onis even after five, tough shit. You need to kill that thing, or request help and hope that somebody else bothers. Furthermore, each raid boss you find levels it up, so if they outlevel you, you just get fucked. At least main Quest is free of Stamina usage until level 30, so finding the raid bosses is nothing but a test of patience.

    You need at least 1 BP per raid boss (assuming that you're strong enough), and these regenerate at the amazing rate of one per 20 minutes, with a maximum of six. If you by some miracle never lose against a raid boss, never find a raid boss that you don't need and never lose a PvP battle, the very minimum of BP that you need is 25. But chances are you'll need waayyyyy more BP than that, and since these are technically under "weekly missions" we have no idea if they'll reset on Monday...


    Warning! This game is actually fun, so the hardest part of this is to not get hooked.

    Missions are easy enough to find, just hit the orange trophy on the front page. Should be at the top.

    - 5x daily login
    - Acquire 5 Dresses (should be easy with just one 10-pull)
    - Story chapter 3 complete (should be quick and easy if you skip, will take a while if you read)
    - 5x Daily Quests (these unlock after completing chapter 2)
    - 5x PvP attempts (these unlock after completing chapter 3)

    Versus Tales:

    Formerly known as Otogi Frontier. There was another collab event with this game earlier. The hardest thing is actually finding the game since it seems to be hidden from Nutaku's lists... so here, have the link:

    - Draw normal gacha 10 times (literally 1 click)
    - Enhance a character 5 times (unlike Kamihime, you can use 5 fodder items at once and be done with it)
    - Create 5 items in the workshop (assuming you have the materials, you can quickly bake something five times - just rush it out with miniscule amounts of gold (which is this game's version of worthless Gems))
    - Clear 10 quests (if you have any issues, just do a couple of things in Academy and you'll be flooded with resources)

    The second problem is actually finding the goddamn event to confirm that you've done everything. The best way I've found is to click on the rotating banners on the front page -> special collab campaign -> confirm reward. You should get a screen that looks like this. That tiny little "clear" text over the reward means that you've done it.


    Well, uh, you're playing this game so the missions should be a total joke to you? The missions are under Event mission, but they done did fucked up and these reset daily. So enjoy your free 5 Elixirs every day (until they fix it)!

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    Well, for TABA, the good news is that it doesn't reset on Mondays, at least.

    The bad news is that there's at least five different raid bosses, so good luck finding the right three ones. Two of them started to outlevel me very badly at the end and started to cost me 3 BP per kill. But at least I am done so I am getting that sweet 1 R Hime weapon at the end of the month, woop woop.

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