Hi Fellow Players and Designers,
I have noticed that the way the Club Champions are currently set up, a player only has to do one combat to get the same prize the entire team wins when the team defeats the Club Champion. OK this is good for that weak player, minimal work and investment of HH tickets gets the same reward.
This is my idea. First of all, the rewards do not cost the designers any Euros - they are digital. But the designers make money when players buy HH Tickets or use resources to get HH Tickets. So how to get that one hit player to invest more HH Tickets to defeat the Club Champ? Easy - the designers give 100 rewards instead of 1 reward (after all they are free to the designers). The team members who combat the Club Champion get their part of the 100 rewards based on their earned percentage of 'Impression'. The game already calculates the percentage a play earns of that impression. So if a play earns 20% of the impression, then get 20 rewards. If the play earns 40% of the impression they get 40 rewards, and so on and so forth. The player with only 1 combat and only 1% of the impression gets only 1 of the rewards. Obviously less than 1% gets no reward and part of a percent goes to the designers (i.e. 42.5% only earns 42 rewards, the left over 0.5% goes to the designers). Surly the players will see the more impression they earn the more rewards they will get and not like the current system where they do 1 combat and wait for someone else to finish off the Club Champ.
Try this change for one month - call it a special event if you like - and see if more players don't invest more HH Tickets in each Club Champion combat. How will this help make even more money for the designers? Well with ALL the team players doing combats as fast as they can, obviously the Club Champ will be defeated faster and 24 hours later it can all start again. True the designers earn the same money from each defeat of a Club Champ - but in a month many, many more sessions of Club Champ competitions will go on earning the designers more money.
Think about it.
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